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Team Building Activities can be a fantastic way of addressing tough business challenges and boosting team effectiveness and employee engagement.

Team Building Activities are a great tool to bring a new team together. The team building activities are an ideal platform to test teams working skills as part of an assessment as well as an environment to educate management on the best practise for team management practices.

Other benefits that can be derived from a team building session is to improve communication between teams which can be taken back to the workplace and improve communications with customers.

An experimental learning event can prepare a team for a challenging workplace project. It can further boost emotional intelligence and employee engagement, while also address issues relating to poor quality, efficiency and productivity.

Another potential benefit of a team building event can be to re-energise teams during or after a tough period and to remove ‘Silo’ working and develop cross department collaboration. It is a great way to reward teams for a great effort.

Team building events are best when they include a large dose of fun.  There are few more powerful enablers of teamwork than laughter. But the laughter needs to be partnered with a sharp focus on encouraging and enabling team members – individually and collectively to raise their standards. And that is achieved by creating and nurturing a safe learning environment where real business problems can be discussed and solved, where personal weaknesses can be strengthened rather than simply accepted or exploited and where group emotional intelligence can be boosted.

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The Benefits of Team Building Activities

The Benefits of Team Building Activities

It is a well-known fact that we all remember and learn by doing – far more so than by reading or listening. The hands-on approach of our team challenges is designed to make people work together and EXPERIENCE the power of teambuilding in problem solving. Team-building ranges from pure fun to specific in-depth training programs. A company will benefit from using a good quality team-building day in several ways. It is people getting to know each other, it is people spending quality time with each other, people getting a chance to learn about each other. It is people using all their resources wisely… read more about the benefits of team building activities

Team Building Themes

Team Building Themes

Team building companies usually group their team building activities into various themes. These themes can either relate to the desired outcome of the activities, describe the type of activities or relate to popular television or game shows… read more about team building themes

Team Building Companies in South Africa

TBAE Team Building and Events

TBAE is a completely mobile team building facilitation company in South Africa. They offer interactive team building activities that are adventurous, but safe. One of the best features of their activities are that everybody is able to participate, no matter their fitness level or physical abilities. TBAE’s team building facilitators are all highly skilled, experienced facilitators who are committed to exceeding your expectations and making your next team building event the most memorable ever… find out more about TBAE

The Following Activities Are Ideal for Team Building

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The 9 Elements Team Building Activity

Activity Overview9 Elements is a powerful activity designed to form relationships and build trust among team members.There are 2 variations to this icebreaker. The first variation is designed for teams who want to get to know each other better. The second variation is formulated for teams who want to explore how they are working together as a team.

Team Self Evaluation Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis is a structured activity designed for teams to explore how they work together. The tight layout enables team members to be open and honest in their assessment. After reflecting as individuals, the team builds a collective map that can serve as the basis for further discussions and actions. The assessment is based around 6 dimensions.

Keep The Fire Burning

Activity OverviewA leader must learn as many ways as possible to value the contributions of others. This is an essential part of the motivation for high performance. Through role-play, this activity offers an opportunity to practice.ObjectivesTo identify how people are motivated to work at their best.To explore a variety of ways to reward and recognize others.

Leadership Stop Stations

Activity OverviewThis is a good activity to close off the event which encourages the participants to think about the next steps in their growth as leaders.ObjectivesTo define participants’ next steps in their personal and strategic career-development plan.To utilize creativity and accelerated learning techniques to achieve what is often a cerebral exercise.

Alphabetic Poem

Activity OverviewA leader can implement this activity as a way of encouraging greater creativity from his or her team.ObjectivesTo expand one’s personal ability to be creative “on the spot.”To share differing points of view.To encourage creativity in a group setting.

Hunting For Creativity

Overview of ActivityThis activity explores aspects of creativity and ways to encourage the imaginative process.ObjectivesTo comprehend how creativity and innovation impact leaders.To examine what makes a company creative.To analyze some of the myths about creativity in corporations.To study our own process of coming up with creative ideas.

Triumphant Leaders Have Mentors

Overview of ActivityThe roles of mentor and protégé are explored in this hands-on activity. Multiple documents also help in guiding leaders.ObjectivesTo comprehend the roles and responsibilities of mentors and protégés.To elucidate the steps necessary to find and work with a mentor.

Add Life to Your Workplace

Activity OverviewCelebrations are becoming a more frequent thing in organizations and companies mainly because they are energizing, motivating, and supportive ways to empower employees. This activity encompasses many ideas for celebrations. When teams work together for longer periods of time, they should be encouraged to take frequent energy breaks to keep their creative juices flowing.

Be Bold and Take Risks

Activity OverviewAnalyzing and evaluating the consequences of risks are all fundamental to understanding risk as a critical leadership competency. This activity takes the leader step-by-step through a practical process.ObjectivesTo capture participants in a dynamic discussion about the kinds and levels of risk.To identify each participant’s risk profile.

Leader Becomes Teacher

Activity OverviewMost times leaders have to assist their staff with learning development plans. This activity identifies ways that the leader can teach in an active, impactful way.ObjectivesTo review participant experiences in learning situations.To demonstrate how a learning plan can be put together.To develop and implement one learning plan with employees.

Leader Becomes Coach

Activity OverviewEmployee coaching is a necessary business competency for leaders. This exercise offers leaders realistic and helpful suggestions.ObjectivesTo identify the necessity of employee coaching.To review coaching techniques.

Vitalize Team Building Activity

Activity OverviewWhen teams work together for longer periods of time, they need to be encouraged to take periodic energy breaks to keep their ideas flowing. This exercise helps to increase their energy levels. It also includes other practical tips on the use of snacks, water, and physical activity to achieve this goal.ObjectivesTo present ways to reenergize and keep the ideas flowing.
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