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Our tried and tested activities are designed to address different outcome-based scenarios depending on what outcome or objective you are wanting to achieve. Learn new debriefing methodologies.

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  • WorkRFun is for anyone who runs groups, meetings, or large or even small classes, with participants of any age or demographic makeup. It is also for team building or aspirant team building facilitators.

    If you facilitate groups of any sort including teaching, organizing, leading others toward productive goals then our training and activity blueprints are what you need.

    If your desire is to have your activities and programmes be lively, creative, interactive and highly effective we invite you to browse and search through our extensive database.

  • We often refer to the word “Group”.

    The word “group” in our context is the gathering of any type or kind of people who come together to achieve a common goal.

    We also refer to the word “Meeting” often.
    In this instance, we are referring to describe various kinds of gatherings. These ‘meetings’ can be a class of school children of any grade, any type of social club or even a therapy group session for either children or adults. A ‘meeting’ can also mean a staff meeting or multiple other kinds of business meetings.

  • Many activities in our database are suitable for certain types of interventions, or  events such as team building, corporate and social functions and for use in ‘meetings’, however if you keep an open mind, and are willing to experiment a bit, you will be amazed at the techniques that will work in a completely unexpected environment or circumstances.

    With that in mind, explore the categories that you thought was not what you were looking for. For example ‘Fun Activities’ are often useful in a corporate team building environment.



Ice-breakers are an effective way to put people at ease especially when people do not know each other. View All

Team Building

We offer the widest range of team building activities together with detailed facilitator guidelines and debriefing templates.. View All

Fun Games

Wide variety of fun games which can be used for youth groups, school children, birthday parties, company functions or any other type of social event. View All


Our recommended puzzles for group activities are ideal to engage the group while enjoying themselves. View All


A wide range of activities to raise the energy level and access the imaginative side of the brain of the group. View All

Young Children Games

Great games for young children to be incorporated into family day activities or for birthday parties. View All

Themed Activities

Themed activities are usually a combination of games that fit into a certain type of theme. Examples are Amazing Race, Survivor, Minute to Win It
View All

Building Trust

Building Trust in a team is vital for a team to grow and be dependent upon each other. A good leader gives trust in order to earn trust.


Effective communication allows team members to understand their roles and the roles of others in their team which result in a more efficient use of time and accuracy in tasks.


Effective collaboration of team members speeds up the group’s objectives and purposes.


Creativity in the work-space increases engagement and productivity, staff morale and plays a role in attracting the right staff.

Goal Setting

Goal setting helps align the team’s vision and mission and defines the team’s identity and purpose with clear objectives and deliverable's.

Having Fun

Having fun is a great way for people to drop their guard and promotes mutual respect and understanding of each other.


Team Building activities are a useful mechanism to identify and train leaders. A good leader can envision a goal, and then effectively communicate that goal to those following them.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is achieved by identifying the issues, and then as a group evaluate the different possible solutions before executing them.

Time Management

Time management in achieved by prioritizing the tasks in order of importance or deadline resulting in a more relaxed environment.

No, Just Fum

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