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Team Building Activities can be a fantastic way of addressing tough business challenges and boosting team effectiveness and employee engagement.

Team Building Activities are a great tool to bring a new team together. The team building activities are an ideal platform to test teams working skills as part of an assessment as well as an environment to educate management on the best practise for team management practices.

Other benefits that can be derived from a team building session is to improve communication between teams which can be taken back to the workplace and improve communications with customers.

An experimental learning event can prepare a team for a challenging workplace project. It can further boost emotional intelligence and employee engagement, while also address issues relating to poor quality, efficiency and productivity.

Another potential benefit of a team building event can be to re-energise teams during or after a tough period and to remove ‘Silo’ working and develop cross department collaboration. It is a great way to reward teams for a great effort.

Team building events are best when they include a large dose of fun.  There are few more powerful enablers of teamwork than laughter. But the laughter needs to be partnered with a sharp focus on encouraging and enabling team members – individually and collectively to raise their standards. And that is achieved by creating and nurturing a safe learning environment where real business problems can be discussed and solved, where personal weaknesses can be strengthened rather than simply accepted or exploited and where group emotional intelligence can be boosted.

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The Benefits of Team Building Activities

The Benefits of Team Building Activities

It is a well-known fact that we all remember and learn by doing – far more so than by reading or listening. The hands-on approach of our team challenges is designed to make people work together and EXPERIENCE the power of teambuilding in problem solving. Team-building ranges from pure fun to specific in-depth training programs. A company will benefit from using a good quality team-building day in several ways. It is people getting to know each other, it is people spending quality time with each other, people getting a chance to learn about each other. It is people using all their resources wisely… read more about the benefits of team building activities

Team Building Themes

Team Building Themes

Team building companies usually group their team building activities into various themes. These themes can either relate to the desired outcome of the activities, describe the type of activities or relate to popular television or game shows… read more about team building themes

Team Building Companies in South Africa

TBAE Team Building and Events

TBAE is a completely mobile team building facilitation company in South Africa. They offer interactive team building activities that are adventurous, but safe. One of the best features of their activities are that everybody is able to participate, no matter their fitness level or physical abilities. TBAE’s team building facilitators are all highly skilled, experienced facilitators who are committed to exceeding your expectations and making your next team building event the most memorable ever… find out more about TBAE

The Following Activities Are Ideal for Team Building

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Wagging Tails Charity Team Building Workshop

Wagging Tails Charity Team Building Workshop Benefits Animals AND Your Team!“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.

Donate a Dinner Team Building Event

Our Donate a Dinner Charity Team Building Workshop puts social responsibility front and center, giving your group the chance to make a difference in the world.

Wheelchair Build Charity

If you’d like to try a team building workshop that has a double mission of building team skills and helping those with mobility challenges, our Freedom Wheels Charity Wheelchair Team Building Workshop might be just the ticket.With a three-part mission, this workshop offers a multitude of benefits for you, your team, your company, and the community.

Missile Launch Team Building Activity

Missile Launch Team Building GameSuggested Learning OutcomesTeam work and cooperationSetting of goals and planningThinking creativelyImproving leadership skillsImproved problem-solving skillsMaking use of time managementRequired Resources:20 x 2 meter bamboo canes,10 x 1.2 meter bamboo canes,tracer cord,string,old rope (various lengths),2 x golf balls,eggs,metre rulercones.Space Required: Large.

Move the Bomb Group Team Building Activity

Move the Bomb Team Building GameLearning Outcomes from this activity The game improves communication as well as problem solving skillsAids in improving leadership skillsTeaches how to set goals and cooperate with each otherDevelops planning skillsResources:1 x marker cones per team (to be altered before event)1 x small football (soccer ball)12 x tracer ropes or string to attach to the cone8 x bli

Imaginary Party Team Building Activity

Imaginary Party is a creative exercise that works well with larger groups.Benefits of this activityEnhances critical-thinkingEncourages creativityImproves listening skillsMany variationsNo props neededThere are many games and exercises out there that involve using a ‘key’ to solve a problem. ‘Come to my party’ is just one of these games, encouraging lateral thinking while having fun.

You May Begin Team Building Activity

You may Begin Group GameYou may begin is a fun pairs fun activity which builds confidence and communication skills.BenefitsExcitingSharpens listening skillsEncourages trustGreat for outdoorsNo propsHave the group form into pairs. One way to divide members is to is to get people with the same number of letters in their name to form a pair.

Leaning Tower Of Feetza Team Building Activity

Leaning Tower Of Feetza Group GameLeaning Tower Of Feetza is a great teamwork activity for large or small groups.BenefitsEasy to set-upFast pacedEncourages teamworkInvolves creativityVery interactiveThose activities that appear to be straightforward often turn out to be the best. Get your large group to divide into smaller groups of say 8 – 15 and instruct them to stay together.

The Longest Shadow Group Activity

The Longest Combined Shadow Group GameYou don’t need complicated activities to have fun, the simplest is usually the best. The only requirement for this activity is to wait for a nice and sunny day. Get everybody outside in a nice open and wide space. Think sports field or even parking lot.Using anything on hand, mark out a line on the ground.

Moving Balls Game and Team Building Activity

Moving Balls Experiential and Interactive GameThe aim of the challenge is to get groups to work together. Each group is given a tarpaulin with holes and some tennis balls. Groups must now work as a team to successfully move the tennis balls around the tarpaulin.

Floating Helium Stick Activity Team Building

Floating Helium Stick Game Suggested Learning Outcomes for the Floating Helium Stick ActivityTeam work and communicationSetting GoalsOrganisationTrouble shooting and problem solvingRequired Resources:1 x 1 meter PVC pipe per team or a hula hoop for each teamSpace Required:A Small Indoor or Outdoor space.

Scrapheap Challenge Group Team Building Activity

Scrapheap Challenge Team Activity Learning Outcomes for the Scrapheap ChallengeTeam buildingEncourages Original thoughtTrouble shootingOrganisation SkillsRequired Resources: Scrap (anything and everything), old newspapers, scissors, eggs, paper, pens and Sellotape.Space Required: Small Indoors or Outdoors.Group Size: Any size from 8 upwards  (split into smaller teams of 4-8).
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