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Kids Escape Room

Creating your very own kids’ Birthday Party Escape Room, it’s something original and the kids will have a blast. Another year ahead, another party to plan, what’s it going to be this time. Today it seems kids’ birthday parties have to be better than the last one.

Boom Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewBoom is a group game, played in a circle, where participants must react quickly or face elimination. One participant will stand in the middle of the circle acting as a “the sheriff”, pointing at other players who must quickly crouch while those on either side of them quickly “draw”. This activity is most suitable when aiming to generate laughter in a group.

Going Bananas Energizer Group Activity

Activity OverviewThis quick and loud energizer activity has a high level of silliness and quickly charges up a group. The group repeats a simple chant over and over again, getting louder and louder as they go. By the end, the group is shouting and jumping about.ObjectivesFire up the groupStep By Step Instructions The activity begins with the group in a circle.

I Love You Darling Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewA simple and short group activity all aimed at making each other crack a smile. Participants take turns in the middle, trying to convince another participant to smile using only the words “I love you, darling, won’t you give me a smile?” The game generates laughter and helps groups build trust and openness through play.

Far and Near Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewNear and Far is a wonderful warm-up activity that provides an excellent pathway to build connections and to discuss various issues of corporate culture and dynamics. Suitable for small, medium, and large groups.

Crossed - A Lateral Thinking Energizing Activity

Activity OverviewThis is the best activity to use when the participant's energy levels are a bit low or after doing an intense activity and a bit of light relief would help. It may also help a group to be more creative. Best suited for groups of six to twelve people.

Line Up Energizer Group Activity

Activity OverviewThis is an energizing activity that helps members of a group get to know each other, network, and recognize what they have in common.ObjectivesTo enhance the get-to-know process at the beginning of an event.Materials NeededWhistle (or some other attention-getting noisemaker)Step By Step Instructions Instruct participants to move around the room for almost a minute.

Recite With Me Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThe main goal of the activity is to get to know each other in a meaningful wayObjectivesFor participants to get acquainted with each otherMaterials NeededQuotes equivalent to the number of participants plus an additional 25%Step By Step Instructions Gather the number of quotes required.The quotes need to be prepared ahead of time.

Smile Kitty Smile Energizer Activity

Activity OverviewA simple and precise group activity aimed at trying to make each other smile a bit. Participants take turns being 'kitties' and 'puppies'. The puppies try to make the kitties crack a smile or laugh.

Circle Criss-Cross Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity provides a playful way for participants to realize common attributes among themselves.ObjectivesAssist participants in finding commonalities among themselvesStep By Step Instructions Ask participants to form a circle around one person in the middle.

Say My Name Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity is best suited at, or very near, the start of an event, workshop, or meeting where people don't know each other as it helps to learn the names of each other.ObjectivesAssisting participants to learn the names of each other.Step By Step Instructions Instruct the group to sit in a circle where they can all see each other.

Count Up Energizer Activity

Activity OverviewIn this short activity, a team or group must count up to a certain number, taking turns in a random order, with no two participants speaking at the same time. The task is simple, however, it takes focus, calm, and awareness to succeed. It is effective to generate calm and focused collective energy in a group.
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