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Activity Description

Jump In and Jump Out Ice Breaker

This game is very simple but challenging and will definitely bring out some laughter in the group. Have the group form a circle, they must all be facing into the circle while holding hands. Facilitators and leaders can join in.

Explain to the group what you want them to do – “Say what I say and Do what I say.” Allow everyone to practice by shouting out a few simple commands, namely – “Jump In, Jump Out, Jump Right or Jump Left.”

The group must repeat what you say, and also do what you asked. This sounds simple enough, but you will find some in the group who might ‘Jump Out’ instead of ‘In’. This can confuse the other players and cause the circle to cave.

The game only gets more interesting from here. After everyone has practised the first round for about half a minute, inform them that you will now be increasing the challenge. Form the circle again, but now they must – “Say the opposite of what I say and Do what I say.”

For example, when I say, “Jump In,” the group must respond with “Jump Out.” At the same time, the group must also jump into the circle. To make sure everyone is on the same page, repeat the instructions.

Then it’s time to play the game, you are sure to experience loads of confusion and mistakes on the group’s part, but there will definitely also be a lot of laughter. To add even more excitement, read further for some fun variations.

Useful Framing Ideas for Jump in and Jump Out 

I think we’ve all tried it, remember, trying to pat the top of your head and in a circle motion, rub your tummy? Most of us found this a tad difficult, even though it is a simple thing to do. This next game will be exactly the same, but loads of more fun…

Jump in and Jump Out Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Have the group form a circle, facing into the circle and holding hands.
  • Instruct the group by saying, “Say what I Say and Do What I Say.”
  • Practice with these directions – “Jump In,” “Jump Out,” “Jump Right” or “Jump Left.”
  • Shout out a few of these directions randomly for a few seconds.
  • Start over again with everyone in a circle, this time make it more challenging. Instruct the group to – “Say the Opposite of what I Say and Do what I Say.”
  • Continue with the ‘Jump’ instructions for about 30 seconds, or until everyone is laughing too much and the circle breaks up.

Practical Leadership Tips

This game works better with a larger the group, you can create more energy and the chances of somebody making a mistake is greater. The game is really popular, and you can’t go wrong placing it strategically into your program.

Sometimes, getting people to hold hands might be a bit of an awkward situation. How can you help this situation?

Create a distraction, by telling the group an interesting fact. Research has found that men and women tend to hold hands differently. Women position their hands with the palms facing forward, which is a ‘giving position.’ Men on the other hand (excuse the pun), tend to offer their hands with the palms facing backwards, which is a taking position. This doesn’t really have any significant meaning but is really just a way to divert attention.

Reflection Tips & Strategies

Here are some questions to ask the group, which will help them to process their experience of playing the game ‘Jump in – Jump Out’

  • What did you observe when the group was directed to move?
  • Did you find yourself being influenced by the movement of others?
  • What did you find easier to do – do what was said and say the opposite, or say what was said and do the opposite?
  • What was the general response to those who made mistakes?
  • Do you think this game can teach you something about empathy and leadership? Explain.

Popular Variations of Jump In and Jump Out 

  • Vary the commands or directions: Include directions, such as, “Jump High,” “Jump Three times” etc.
  • Do the opposite: “Say what I say and Do the opposite of what I Say.” For example, say – “Jump Right” the group must say “Jump Right,” while they all jump to the left.
  • The choice is yours: You can invite group members to jump anywhere, it doesn’t matter what you say. This must be done while everyone is holding hands, so make sure it’s done safely.

Jump In and Jump Out Ice Breakers

Basic Details
Property Type : Ice Breakers
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Ice Breakers
Focus On : Communication, Collaboration, Having Fun
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : None
Duration : 6 - 15 minutes
Exertion Level : Medium
Group Size : 1 - 8, 9 - 16, 17 - 30, 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults