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Activity Description

Knee Tag Ice Breaker Energizer Game 

Knee Tag is a lively tag game, great for larger groups and pairs.

Benefits of Knee Tag Energizer 

  • Easy to play
  • High Energy game
  • Very interactive
  • No props needed

How To Play Knee Tag Energizer Group Activity

When the group has gathered together, ask them to find a partner with knees similar to their own. A strange request you might think, but it is quite funny to observe people making knee comparisons. Of course, this is not necessary, as any method dividing members into pairs would work just as well.

Have pairs face each other about a metre apart, each person should also be standing with their legs shoulder length apart. They must then place their hands on their knees, by bending slightly.

This is a standoff; each player must be ready on the word “Go”

The aim is for each person to tag the other’s unguarded knee. Each player gets a point when a knee is tagged. The tag can only be made when a hand is absent. The person trying to tag their partner will have to move their hand, giving their partner an opportunity to tag them.

Allow pairs to play two rounds of 30 seconds each, the player who has the most tags after round 2, is the winner. You can continue with another round or have members swap partners. There are also a number of variations available to make it more challenging and fun.

Contextual Framing Ideas of Knee Tag Game 

Taking risks, what does this involve? When taking a risk, you are never sure of the end result, you cannot predict the outcome. In life there are plenty of risks you can take, that’s the adventure of life. So, what stops most of us from taking risks and living the adventure?

The main reasons some of us avoid taking risks, is because of the fear of failure, getting hurt or looking ridiculous. The next activity will try and help you to overcome these fears, let’s see how you handle the next game…

In this game, in order to get results, you will have to take action. By doing nothing, you won’t see any results and no there will be no change. Even though you may not achieve what you set out to do, by taking action you will at least be participating and achieving something, rather than nothing. Let’s play ‘knee tag’ and see if you can achieve the results you want…

Step-by-Step Instructions to facilitate Knee Tag Energizer 

  • Have the group form pairs
  • Standing with their legs shoulder with apart, each pair must face each other with their hands on their bent knees.
  • The aim is for each person to tag their partner’s unprotected knee. Each tag is a point.
  • One round can last for 20 to 30 seconds, the one with the most tags wins.
  • Begin another round, swap partners or introduce a variation.

Facilitators and Leaders Tips for Knee Tag Game 

The game can get very energetic, in order to avoid injury, make sure everybody is aware of each other’s heads. Players may get so involved with trying to tag each other, they might bump heads in the process.

Allow the game to continue not longer than 30 seconds, as the bent over position can become strained. Encourage everyone to make a move and tag their partners, the game is no fun if you sit with your hands on your knees all the time.

If some of the players are finding it difficult to win this tag game, simply add in a variation. They are sure to see results and success playing the next round.

Debriefing and Reflection Strategies

Here are some questions to ask the group, which will help them to process their experience of playing the game ‘Knee Tag’

  • Did you get results and find success? How would you explain your success?
  • Was the game fun? Explain why.
  • Was there something that surprised you while playing the game?
  • Observing others and their behaviour, was there something that influenced the enjoyment of the game?

Variations of Knee Tag Energizer 

  • Interlock fingers: Play as above, but players can move their feet around. When players are not attempting a tag, their fingers should be interlocked. This means knees are always open and can be tagged.
  • Move around: Allow players to move around in order to escape being tagged.
  • Everybody is It: Unlike the game where everybody is stationary, for this variation pairs can move around and tag any knee nearby. Again, when moving around, fingers must be interlocked.
  • Hands Up: You can shout out “Hands Up,” which means everybody must raise their hands in the air. Nobody is then allowed to defend their knees being tagged. Hands can be used to tag another player’s knee. Follow up with “Hands Down,” which means everyone can now defend their knees again from being tagged. You can continue calling out these two commands until the end of the round.

Knee Tag Energizer Group Game

Basic Details
Property Type : Energizers
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Energisers
Focus On : Having Fun
Outcome Based : No, just fun
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : None
Duration : 1 - 5 minutes
Exertion Level : High
Group Size : 1 - 8, 9 - 16, 17 - 30, 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults