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Activity Description

Tag the Toe Game

Tag the Tow is a fun energizing game for partners

Benefits of Tag the Toe Game

  • Very energetic
  • Easy warm-up exercise
  • Great time-filler
  • No props needed

How To Play Tag the Toe Game

This an ideal quick time-filler exercise, ensuring an increase in a groups energy levels. Divide everyone into pairs, for this, you can also use some ‘Getting into Pairs’ ideas.

Instruct everybody to stand back to back. When you shout out “GO” they should all quickly turn around and face each other. Each person must now jump around and attempt to ‘tag’ the other person by tapping their toes while trying to avoid being tagged.

A person can try to tag both feet, but to do it gently. The purpose is not to stomp on another person’s foot in an attempt. Have the group play for three rounds, the person with the most tags wins.

Contextual Framing Ideas for Tag the Toe Game

Notice how people move barefoot on a hot surface, it is almost like a dance. It’s funny to watch, just like the following exercise…

Step-by-Step Instructions to facilitate Tag the Toe Game

  • Groups must find a partner and form into pairs.
  • Each pair must stand back to back
  • Shout “GO” paired players must then quickly turn around and face each other. They must then try to tag the other person’s toes.
  • Each successful tag is a point
  • Play for three to several rounds, a person with the most tags wins.

Facilitators and Leaders Tips

Make sure everybody is aware of how to tag. There should be no kicking in mid-air or stomping, gently tap a toe. 

Debriefing and Reflection Tips for Tag the Toe Game

Here are some questions to ask the group, which will help them to process their experience of playing the game ‘Tag the Toe’

  • Did you have any plan in place in order to evade being tagged?
  • What plan did you have in order to successfully tag your partner?
  • Did you enjoy the game? If not, why?
  • Was everyone playing by the safety rules?

Variations of Tag the Toe Game

  • Eliminate: Encourage some healthy competition, after each round, have the winners face each other until you have one winner among the group.
  • Hold hands: If there is too much jumping around or you only have so much space, get each pair to hold hands. When each player turns around, they must grip each other’s hands and then attempt to tag toes. Take note, inform the group to be aware of their bodies, as pairs could easily bash heads while holding hands.
  • Circles: Have groups form small circles of four to five people. Everyone in the circle then attempts to tag everyone else’s toes. Once both toes have been tagged, this person is eliminated. The circle will then get smaller until there are only two facing off. This version can also be done in larger circles.

Tag The Toe Game

Basic Details
Property Type : Energizers
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Energisers
Focus On : Having Fun
Outcome Based : No, just fun
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : None
Duration : 1 - 5 minutes
Exertion Level : Medium
Group Size : 1 - 8, 9 - 16, 17 - 30
Age : Children, Youth, Adults