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Activity Description

Benefits of Blob Tag

  • You don’t need any props
  • It’s a great way to energize a group
  • Works great with larger groups
  • The game aids in developing critical thinking
  • Helps to improve cooperation

How to play Cluster Group Tag Activity  

The game can start off with a group dividing technique or simply ask the group to form pairs. One of the pairs should volunteer to be the ‘Cluster’, they will be the pair tagging everybody else during the entire game. Everybody else must spread out and avoid being tagged by ‘the Cluster’.

All paired members as well as ‘the Cluster’ pair must hold hands for the duration of the game. So, to start, you will have two people holding hands running around trying to tag the other paired members holding hands.

Once a pair has been tagged, the members should stop holding hands and each tagged member should then join the ‘Cluster’ pair. The tagged members can join on either side of the ‘Cluster’ pair, you will therefore now have a longer ‘Cluster’ tag team. These four members, who are holding hands, will now resume the game by chasing the other paired members still remaining.

Since the tag team or ‘Cluster’ is now larger, it is more difficult to get away from them. This game carries on until all paired members have been tagged.

Here are a few rules that apply to the game of Cluster Group Tag:

  • If members of the tag team or ‘Cluster’ lose their grip on each other, anybody they just tagged, must be released until all members of the tag team are rejoined.
  • Paired members running away from ‘the Cluster’ are seen as tagged if they lose their grip on each other.
  • The ‘Cluster’ will grow longer and longer, but only those who are at each end of the tag team can tag others.
  • Some paired members running from ‘the Cluster’ may be tempted to run through the middle and under the arms of those linked into the tag team, but escape is only allowed around the ends.

You can also add a number of different variations for this activity, for example:

  • Turn Around: During the game, the ‘Cluster’ can stop, and the members can let go their hands and turn around to rejoin again. This is to help make it easier to chase down pairs.
  • Extensions: The best item for this, is a pool noodle. Supply one to each member on opposite sides of the ‘Cluster’, which will then make it easier to tag.
  • Add strategy tag ideas: Here you can come up with a story where the tag team will have to think about who they should or should not tag. For instance, anybody wearing the colour blue should be seen as a ‘hidden bomb’ that will ‘explode’ if tagged.

Facilitator and Leaders Tips for Cluster Group Tag Activity  

You can introduce the game by talking about ‘Tipping Points’, how small things can build up to make a big difference. This game is a perfect example of this principal. The game could also end off with a discussion of the game and where everybody thinks the ‘tipping point’ occurred. Then discuss this principle and how it related to every day life at work and school etc.

Since this game is very energetic, it would be best to partner members of the group with others of a similar stature and physical ability. This is not a set rule, but just a way of helping everybody have fun instead of struggling along.

Allow the ‘Cluster’ team to stop during the game and discuss strategies on how to capture the remaining pairs. This is a great way to improve problem solving and to have members working together. Make sure to inform everybody that running under or somehow over the arms of the tag team, is not an option.

When choosing the initial tag team or ‘Cluster’, you might get more than one volunteer. Choose the pair that you think can last the entire game, running around, as this pair will remain the tag team the entire game.

Step by Step Instructions for Cluster Group Tag Activity

  • Groups as large as 16 to 30 can play. If the group is large run multiple games. 
  • Have members of the group form into pairs
  • Each of these pairs should be holding hands and should be scattered over a wide area.
  • One of these pairs must be the ‘Cluster’ pair
  • During the game, each pair must remain holding hands. The pair that releases hands, will be being tagged.
  • Once a pair has been tagged, they will release hands and join onto each end of ‘the Cluster’. The game will then resume with a larger ‘Cluster’
  • If members of the ‘Cluster’ release hands, then no tagging can occur until the tag team or ‘Cluster’ is holding hands again.
  • Every pair must be tagged, which then ends the game.

Debriefing and Refection Tips

As an aid to help the group process their experience playing Blob Tag, here are a few questions.

  • What do you think worked the best or didn’t work at all when tagging the other pairs as the ‘Cluster’?
  • Did you use any kind of strategy to avoid being tagged? Or to us as the ‘Cluster’ to tag others?
  • Is there a situation or experience you can think of, where you observed a tipping point?

Cluster Group Tag Activity

Basic Details
Property Type : Energizers
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Energisers
Focus On : Build Trust, Communication, Collaboration, Having Fun
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : None
Duration : 6 - 15 minutes
Exertion Level : High
Group Size : 9 - 16, 17 - 30, 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults