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Activity Description

Supplies Needed: Water Balloons

Pair everyone up in two’s. Have the group develop two shoulder to shoulder lines with everyone facing their partner in the other line. Start the two lines only a couple of feet apart at first.

Give one water balloon to each person in one of the lines so that each pair of partners has a balloon. When the game leader says “Toss”, the partner with the balloon tosses it to their partner. If they drop their balloon or it bursts when they catch it, they are out. If they successfully catch
it without it breaking, they are still in the game.

The leader then asks one line step back to increase the tossing distance and says “Toss”. The partner who caught the balloon now tosses it back. Repeat the rounds until there is only one team left as the winners!

A variation of this game is to use eggs in the place of water balloons.

Water Balloon Toss Youth Game

Basic Details
Property Type : Youth Games
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Youth Games
Focus On : Having Fun
Outcome Based : No, just fun
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : None
Duration : 6 - 15 minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 1 - 8, 9 - 16, 17 - 30, 31+
Age : Youth