Virtual Team Building Events

Activity Description

Designed for smaller groups that can process the enormous ideas presented in the leadership training. This is a valuable way for participants to practice through this exercise. “IDEA” is short for Innovation, Development, Enthusiasm, and Application—all ways that the participants can strengthen their teams.

Activity training methods 

  • Discussion
  • Art project

Materials Required

  • A large board with the letters “IDEA” written on it

Room setup

  • Any seating arrangement is acceptable.

If your team building program runs over several days or is conducted in two or more sessions, arrange small groups of 5 to 7 people who will have regular meetings throughout the program’s duration to work on a challenge or case study, debrief the module, and generally lend support to each other. These small groups can remain together and form a Professional Resource Group

Preparation for the activity

Decide how you will compose the teams for the IDEA activity. Either set up varying groups in advance or let the participants decide when you start the activity which group they want to fit in. If the participants know one another well, and it is important for people to work with those from the same department, then it would be best to let them choose their own group. If the participants don’t know one another, it would be helpful for the facilitators to make up the groups in advance.

Step-by-Step Instructions 

  1.  Provide a summary of the purpose and use of IDEA teams in your activity. The IDEA groups will give participants a chance to discuss issues, complete assignments, and share program experiences in smaller groups. The IDEA teams will act as support groups for participants throughout the activity.
  2. Explain how the name IDEA was obtained, using the large sign. Discuss what each letter means as you speak about the importance of the following four words and how they relate to your activity:

    I = Innovation
    Leaders identify the need for change and continuous improvement so they can lead others in generating innovations. In this activity, you will experience some innovative and creative learning methods.
    D = Development
    Leaders encourage and provide resources for their subordinates’ development and their own. In this activity, you are experiencing professional development first hand.
    E = Enthusiasm
    Leaders need to exhibit eagerness and a positive attitude, even during taxing times. In this activity, we will create a favorable environment to amplify your interpersonal relationships and increase your learning.
    A = Application
    Learning is incomplete without the chance to put into use what has been learned. In this activity, you will get the opportunity to practice what is presented.

  3. Arrange participants into teams and immediately assign a team-building exercise or a task. Have participants meet in their IDEA groups once each day to complete tasks within selected modules.
  4. The IDEA teams you have just joined will give you an opportunity to ponder over challenges,  complete assignments together, and share program experiences periodically. Your IDEA teams will also provide any additional support throughout the program. Additionally, use these groups to converse about workplace issues that may arise.

Activity Review

Take a moment shortly after conducting this activity to register on how it went, how engaged the participants were, and what questions they raised. Then, make notes that include how much time you actually spent on the activity.

Have An Idea Activity

Basic Details
Property Type : Team Building
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Team Building
Focus On : Communication, Leadership
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Indoor
Props Required : Minor
Duration : 26+ minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 1 - 8, 9 - 16
Age : Adults