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Imagery of Love Story-line 

Love is relentless, the heart delicate – a mystery

This year’s theme at the Writers Ballad Convention is all about Love since it is after all being held on Valentine’s day. Both professional, as well as amateur writers, will be gathering together to express their stories of L’amour of love. Each writer has their turn on stage, expressing their love the best way they know. Poems and beautiful descriptive prose fill the hall, making many a heart flutter.

Tears were very close to flowing over as the words pierced many hearts. Each writer giving their very best to those gathered around. Emotions were high, and each word was a treasure and expression of love. Surely all bad feelings and dark thoughts were swept away on this dramatic occasion.  One of the poets rises and lurches towards the stage, he stands and utters a few illegible words and unceremoniously falls down dead. Has somebody harbored bad feelings towards their fellow writer?

Did emotions run too high during this year’s writer’s event? evidently, as the murder took center stage this day. Was this a crime of passion as emotions ran high or was this a premeditated crime of murder and revenge?

Everybody is gathered together, and investigations proceed, finding the concealed offender that turned a day of love into a day of mayhem and secrets.

Who is the unfortunate poet? That is up to you to discover, a part although significant, is only fleeting!

Guest to the event will role-play the suspects below: 

Lucy Love – Chairperson of the Writers Ballad

Her opinion is that most of the members are not dedicated to producing works of art.

Stan Stationary – Owner of Stan’s Stationary Store

He has had enough of the stationary business and wants to sell the company to become a full-time writer and poet.

Olivia Orchid – Flower shop owner

The poems uttered by her may make you grimace

Kate Pearl – Designs clothing and knits

Her jersey creations are sold worldwide and add a personal touch, a one of a kind poem by the designer herself.

Akihiro Saito – owns a sushi restaurant

He is the owner of one of the best sushi restaurants in the region. Often diners can enjoy listening to one of his poems while sampling their salmon roll.

Erne Hems – Prize-winning poet

He was selected to write his poems by the president himself and to perform them at special events.

Emma Bronty – Well-known female poet of the times

Many world-wide enjoy her work, as her poems have been distributed to over ten foreign countries. Many would say she has more fans elsewhere than in her own home town.

John Smith – Janitor at the Town Hall

He not only keeps the place clean but on the sly, can gain access to some official documents. These are what inspires him to write his interesting poems.

Charles Flour – The man in charge at the Cherry Bakery

Not only does he produce the best cakes in town but he has all the ingredients to make a fine poet.

Elaine Generous – Aspiring comedian

Her writing is more on the funny side and brings out the humorous things in life.

Rover Ford – Offers his services as chauffeur and mechanic

Bizarre is what you would describe his poetry works, for years he’s been baffling listeners everywhere.

  • Imagery of Love Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

    Imagery of Love Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

Imagery of Love Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

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Property Type : Fun Games
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Fun Games
Focus On : Communication, Creativity, Having Fun, Problem Solving
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : Yes
Duration : 26+ minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults