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WorkRFun offers a wide variety of instant downloadable Murder Mystery Games that are perfect for company socials, corporate fun days, birthday parties or most social events.  

The downloadable Murder Mystery Script includes detailed instructions on running the game as well as an introductory video to set the scene. 

Magic and Murder Story-line 

Only last night, did the famous magician Daniel Maine perform before his hometown on Hocus Pocus island. He entertained his family and friends at the local Abracadabra Inn, where  everybody was gathered to enjoy a ‘Frightful’ Halloween costume party. He bewildered and impressed the crowd with his amazing feats of fabulous magic tricks.

While on stage he quickly glanced at his watch and realized that he was late for an appointment he could not miss. Suddenly, there was a poof of purple smoke and Maine had disappeared into thin air. The crowd looked around confused and in disbelief, totally astonished at how the magician had just vanished.

Only a few short minutes later, everyone heard something like an explosion. Well, this was not part of the show and police arrived to inform everyone that Daniel Baine was dead. They had discovered his lifeless body along the forest path in the woods. It seems that there was an explosive device, which was the cause of his untimely death. Who would want to murder this man of magic, only special investigating skills, and the right questions will lead to the why and who committed this atrocious act?

Maine had only a week ago returned from a tour of Europe, each venue was packed to the brim with excited and awestruck fans. Many of the different city newspapers reported on his performances but were more interested in the death threats he received in Paris and Berlin. On both occasions there were letters delivered to his dressing room after his performances, these letters now belong to the authorities who are investigating.

Maine’s shot to fame ten years prior to his death, when he went live on television, and somehow made the Notre-Dame Cathedral and Eifel Tower disappear. Only to reappear moments later, to the amazement of onlookers. This magic trick was then considered to be one of the extraordinary illusions ever attempted. Many who belonged to the magic community, believed that another magician had come up with the trick and Maine had stolen the idea.

Maine was born in France, but later with his parents moved to the Island where he grew a reputation for having psychic powers. He kept up to date paperwork on all his activities and these documents may hold some crucial clues to who would want to murder him.

Guest to the event will role-play the suspects below: 

Elena Egly – A Swiss watchmaker

She was part of the gathering at the Halloween party dressed as a watch that represented one of her more eccentric designs.

Guthrie Gibbs 

He is an American talent agent, who also performed at the London Music Hall. He was an employee for Maine and at the costume party, was dressed as Elvis Presley.

Alegra Starr – Magician’s Assistant to Maine

She was known to live with Maine on his Estate on Hocus Pocus Island.

Evelina Faye – An Irish animal trainer

Exotic animals are her favorite kind, she was dressed as Cleopatra at the costume party.

Hamond Hunter – An Englishman and trader

He has offices in Bangkok and was dressed as a knight.

Adam Maine – Cousin of Daniel Maine

His company is in import and export and he was dressed as a ship’s captain.

Countess Alexandra Christiansen – Noble Lady of Denmark

She was often seen in the company of Maine during his European Tour, she was dressed as a Disney Princess.

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Magic and Murder Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

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Property Type : Fun Games
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Fun Games
Focus On : Communication, Creativity, Having Fun, Problem Solving
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : Yes
Duration : 26+ minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults