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WorkRFun offers a wide variety of instant downloadable Murder Mystery Games that are perfect for company socials, corporate fun days, birthday parties or most social events.  

The downloadable Murder Mystery Script includes detailed instructions on running the game as well as an introductory video to set the scene. 

The Curse of Anubis Story-line 

The year is 1950, October 30

This tragic tale begins on a warm evening in California, a group of people was gathered together at the Luna Estate. The hosts were John Simons, movie star and his wife Mona Frank, unfortunately, what was about to occur is both devastating yet fascinating. The next morning as the sun rose, a body was discovered, laid out on some cactus plants prolific in the area. The body was identified as Jace Simons, John’s twin brother, a renowned professor in archeology.

This was indeed a bad omen, like those who gathered the previous evening were casually celebrating to prove a point, that an ancient Egyptian curse was just a myth. Those who attended the event the previous evening came together to witness the passing of the comet Anubis, which only appears every 500 years. The last time this fabled comet crossed the heavens near the earth, Pharaoh Hotep suddenly died a suspicious death. His subjects placed him in his tomb with all his treasures and sealed it closed for all eternity. Some say there was a curse, anybody to disturb the peace of the tomb, would come to an untimely end.

Only a few years back, did Jace disturb the tomb and removed all that was within, ignoring the
hieroglyphs visible at the entrance to the tomb, warning all those who dare trespass. The curse said that whoever desecrates the tomb would meet their death when the comet Anubis reappeared in the heavens.

The gathering at the Estate was to toast the passing of this very comet, some thought it nothing
more than a hoax, while others just thought it something that belonged in the past. The deadly truth would soon be revealed.

Guest to the event will role-play the suspects below: 

John Simmons – Jace’s twin brother

He is a minor actor who appears more in television roles than on the big screen.

Mona Frank – John’s wife and actress

She has been delving into the history and everything related to Egyptian teachings, especially about Anubis.

Sister Amunet – Priestess of those who follows Anubis

Nobody knows much about her, what can she be hiding behind the elaborate mask she always

Professor Nico Galeo – Dedicated man of the sciences as well as an astronomer

He was present at the gathering to give his expert opinion on the passing comet. Did he reveal all he knew or was he hiding something?

Dori Right – Jace’s assistant

She has been working very closely with Jace over the past years. Both traveled to the gathering on
the same train, did something happens between them?

Stefan Morty – A secretive person, nobody knows much about him

His beliefs all stem from the ways of Anubis and anybody who gets in his way will regret it.

The Curse of Anubis Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

Basic Details
Property Type : Fun Games
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Fun Games
Focus On : Communication, Creativity, Having Fun, Problem Solving
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : Yes
Duration : 26+ minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults