Activity Description

Pass the Clap Group Ice Breaker and Energizer

Pass the Clap is a simple and fun activity that can be used in a lot of different type of situations . This energizing and somewhat contagious activity is always one to keep at the top of your mind.  

Benefits of Pass the Clap Ice Breaker Activity

  • Easy and Simple
  • Fast & engaging
  • Invigorating warm-up
  • Improves observation skills
  • No props

Contextual Framing Ideas for Pass the Clap Group Ice Breaker and Energizer

Think about times when something has worked out just right, or things are flowing smoothly, and everything just comes together. How did this make you feel? Pretty good, I’m sure.

Participating in the following activity will hopefully give you the same feeling of excitement and accomplishment.

Some teaser snippets of the Activity 

This activity is very easy to perform, have the group form a circle that can include yourself. Begin with yourself or ask somebody in the group to….

You will notice that in no time, the group will become more energized. This will help for further activities, as they will be more enthusiastic about participating further.



Pass the Clap Energisers

Basic Details
Property Type : Energizers
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Energisers
Outcome Based : No, just fun
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : None
Duration : 1 - 5 minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 1 - 8, 9 - 16, 17 - 30, 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults