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Silent Blackjack

This is a fun and highly interactive group activity involving many variationsStep-by-Step Instructions for Silent BlackjackGet everybody to create a circle.From a deck of cards hand out one card to each member in the circle, informing them not to look at the card given to them.Inform everybody that the entire activity is going to be done in silence, there will be no verbal communication.

Discover the Key

Think out the box for this activity, great for small to medium size groups. Step by Step Instructions for Discover the KeyHave everyone gather together in a circleThe aim of the game is to discover the key, which then unlocks a secret that solves a puzzle.

Ah So Ko

Ah So Ko is is a fun and engaging circle game for groups of all sizes READ FULL ACTIVITY

John and the Button Factory

To get everybody’s attention, have the group gather together because you would like to sing them a song. Inform them that the song is about a friend named John and you would like to share it. Get the group to stand close together, so that they can hear properly. Inform the group that the song requires everyone to copy what you say and do.

Balloon connection hello

Entertaining activity improving group interactionsStep-by-Step InstructionsHand out balloons to all the members in the groupShow everybody how the ‘Balloon connection’ works. Take the balloon in one hand after it has been blown up and tied at the end, take the other hand and pull on the tail end. Release the balloon and it should be propelled forward.

What is their posture

A very fun group game that is innovative and involves all the members of a group.

Balloon Tag Game

A fun and fast tag activity using balloons. Balloon Tag is very similar to most other tag games, the only difference is that instead of having to touch another person with their hand, you must jump around popping balloons.Step by Step Instructions:All you will need are some balloons and some stringTake the string and cut into lengths of about 40 to 60 cm.

The Titanic Group Activity

Your group is on the Titanic as she starts to sink. You only have a short amount of time to grab a few items. Your team must decide which of the items are the most important and top priority. Working together as a team you must use your decision-making skills to choose your top items.

Egg Roulette Game

Egg Roulette is a messy but fun game with a light hearted sense of anxiety. Step by Step Instructions:Things you will need include 12 eggs, of which 8 are hard boiled and the other 4 remain raw. You will also need some towels and some ground cover like a tarp. Maybe a few wet wipes might come in handy as well.

Bloop Group Ice-breaker game

Bloop Fun group team building game for smaller groups. Step by Step Instructions:All you need for this activity are some balloonsThis game should be played indoors and is great for smaller groups of 2-4 people.If you have a larger group, have everyone form pairs.Hand out the balloons to each pair and have them blow the balloons up until they are about 20cm-25cm.

Bounce jump bounce

Bounce Jump Bounce is a quick energizer activity that get's groups active after a break or the start of the day.

Birthday Numbers Game

Great math’s puzzle for smaller groups where the individuals get you to think out of the box.
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