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Putt Putt Pantry

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete team building workshop than Putt Putt Pantry!With its perfect blend of charitable aspects and challenging skill development activities carried out in the most enjoyable, stress-free environment, it’s everything your team needs to make serious inroads towards positive change.

Build a Wagon Charity

The little red wagons represent childhood dreams and adventure for most of us.Even if you never had one as a child, you know these enduring symbols of childhood inspire excitement and imagination in anyone who sees them.That’s the spirit of Build a Wagon, a wagon team building workshop that has your team building red wagons for local kids or families.

Wagging Tails Charity Workshop

Wagging Tails Charity Team Building Workshop Benefits Animals AND Your Team!“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.

Donate a Dinner Charity

Our Donate a Dinner Charity Team Building Workshop puts social responsibility front and center, giving your group the chance to make a difference in the world.

Freedom Wheels Charity Wheelchair

If you’d like to try a team building workshop that has a double mission of building team skills and helping those with mobility challenges, our Freedom Wheels Charity Wheelchair Team Building Workshop might be just the ticket.With a three-part mission, this workshop offers a multitude of benefits for you, your team, your company, and the community.

Balance the Cup

Balance the Cup is an interesting stretching exercise which is amusing when done is a group. BenefitsModerate stretching exercise for the whole bodyImproves dexterity and focusDevelops balanceRequired PropsOptional – soft itemEverybody will want to try an get this stretch right, it is fun and can be successfully done, even if it takes a few tries.

Missile Launch

Groups are required to build two missile launchers. The missile launchers must be able to shoot a missile that will travel over a target, which will be placed 10m away. Groups are given about 30 minutes to plan and construct their launchers. After the time is up the group has a chance to test out their launchers, by being given two launching attempts.

Whats your Name Whats your Number

Whats your Name Whats your Number  is a fun, numerical approach getting to know people. It is an interactive icebreaker activity that encourages curiosity.  A minimal number of props are required, which are Pens, Sticky Tape, Pins and Index Cards.

Move the Bomb

The Move the Bomb game involves moving a ‘radioactive bomb’ around a number of obstacles. The ‘bomb’ must then be safely deposited in a designated safe area. Participants will be required to work as a team, the activity also aims to test leadership as well as communication skills.

Imaginary Party

Imaginary Party is a creative exercise that works well with larger groups.Benefits of this activityEnhances critical-thinkingEncourages creativityImproves listening skillsMany variationsNo props neededThere are many games and exercises out there that involve using a ‘key’ to solve a problem. ‘Come to my party’ is just one of these games, encouraging lateral thinking while having fun.

You may Begin

You may begin is a fun pairs fun activity which builds confidence and communication skills.BenefitsExcitingSharpens listening skillsEncourages trustGreat for outdoorsNo propsHave the group form into pairs. One way to divide members is to is to get people with the same number of letters in their name to form a pair.

Leaning Tower Of Feetza

Leaning Tower Of Feetza is a great teamwork activity for large or small groups.BenefitsEasy to set-upFast pacedEncourages teamworkInvolves creativityVery interactiveThose activities that appear to be straightforward often turn out to be the best. Get your large group to divide into smaller groups of say 8 – 15 and instruct them to stay together.
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