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Brainstorming Routine Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity establishes the power of brainstorming. It can be used as training for project leaders, creativity training, and to accelerate getting new solutions. The activity is helpful for all levels and types of participants.ObjectivesPeople will realize the power of brainstorming.Materials NeededA big paperclip or any object that will be discussed.

The Active Listener Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity enables participants to reflect on a question and produce their own solutions using simple principles of active listening and peer coaching. It’s an excellent introduction to active listening but can also be used with groups that are already familiar with it.

MuSh CoW Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewMuSh CoW is an activity that allows the participants to prioritize the different features that they will work on. Features are then categorized into “Must have”, “Should have”, “Could have”, or “Would like but won‘t get”.To be used at the beginning of a timeslot (for example during Sprint planning) and when planning is needed.

Checking In - Checking Out Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewEither checking-in or checking-out is a simple way for a team to open or close a process, symbolically and in a collaborative way. Checking-in/out invites each member in a group to be present, seen and heard, and to express a reflection or a feeling. Checking-in emphasizes presence, focus and group commitment; checking-out emphasizes reflection and symbolic closure.

My Leadership Pizza Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis leadership development activity offers a self-assessment framework for people to first identify what skills, attributes, and attitudes they find important for effective leadership, and then assess their own development and initiate goal setting.

One Lie Per Person Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity is derived from the well-known icebreaker 'Two Truths And A Lie' to create an activity that you could return to throughout an event.ObjectivesTo break the ice and help the team get to know each other better, and to punctuate a long and intense event with some moments of light relief.

Imaginary Sound Ball Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis simple icebreaker activity energizes participants and is also suitable for debriefing learning points towards teamwork. It involves participants standing in a circle and throwing imaginary ball(s) to each other in increasing pace.ObjectivesTo increase spontaneity, teamwork, and participation and to decrease the tendency to think ahead instead of listening first.

Secret Agent Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewA simple game that will have everyone running within minutes. Very effective to fight the "after-lunch" dip.ObjectivesTo activate the participants after a stressful or intensive session or after having lunch.Step By Step ProceduresFind a room that is large enough to have the group walking around (or even run), most preferably outside.

Be In Character Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewA piece from a poem titled “The Elephant’s Child” written by Rudyard Kipling. It literally OPENS up opportunities to practice a key skill as part of a communication skills activity as well as allied skills in active listening and observation.

Four Quarters Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThe Four Quarters is a tried and tested ice breaker activity to conduct with a group or team.It is easy to prepare for and set up and can be modified to work with any group and/or topic (just restructure the questions). It is colorful, fun and visual.ObjectivesTo break the ice within a group or team when conducting an event.

My Squad Canvas Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThe Squad Canvas is a team-building activity similarly structured like a Business Model. It is an effective strategy to facilitate getting teams to come together in agreement or alliance about their goals, values, and purposes, as well as help team members, find their role on the team.

W Cubed - What, So What, Now What Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity helps teams/ groups reflect on a shared experience in a way that builds understanding and prompts coordinated action while avoiding unproductive conflict.It is possible for every voice to be heard while simultaneously winnowing for insights and shaping a new direction.
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