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Jelly Bean Barter

The Jelly Bean Barter is an entertaining ice-breaker activity with a dose of added sweetness.  Benefits of Jelly Bean Barter ActivityVery simpleFast-pacedNon-threateningRequired PropsJelly BeansCup or paper bagHow To Play the Jelly Bean Barter Ice Breaker ActivityTo prepare for the game, buy a large packet of Jelly Beans or another type of small sweet.

Human Spring

This exercise is used to impart trust and an active balance initially between two people, and then progressing among others in the group.Benefits of the Human Spring Team Building Ice-Breaker Activity  ChallengingEncourages trustActivity with partnerNo props neededThis exercise is very active, so arrange to play this activity in an appropriate time slot during a program.

The Longest Combined Shadow

You don’t need complicated activities to have fun, the simplest is usually the best. The only requirement for this activity is to wait for a nice and sunny day. Get everybody outside in a nice open and wide space. Think sports field or even parking lot.Using anything on hand, mark out a line on the ground.

Airport Greetings

Airport Greetings is an unusual communicating ice-breaker game that encourages slow-motion actions.Interactive Large Group Ice-breaker Activity Get your group to divide into pairs, using fun ‘Getting into Pairs’ ideas. For example, start jumping up and down on one leg and then see if you can find someone else that is doing the exact same thing.

Tag the Knee

Tag the Knee is another tag styled activity that suits groups of all ages. When the group has gathered together, ask them to find a partner with knees similar to their own. A strange request you might think, but it is quite funny to observe people making knee comparisons. Of course, this is not necessary, as any method dividing members into pairs would work just as well.

Jump In and Jump Out

This game is very simple but challenging and will definitely bring out some laughter in the group. Have the group form a circle, they must all be facing into the circle while holding hands. Facilitators and leaders can join in.Explain to the group what you want them to do – “Say what I say and Do what I say.

Penny Hose Minute to Win It Activity

Penny Hose is a simple Minute to Win It activity, which can be a bit of a challenge, but still can be finished within the time limit. The contestants need to fish two coins from of a pair of pantyhose.The Goal of Penny Hose Minute to Win It Game The goal of Penny Hose is to fish two coins out of a pair of pantyhose, each coin from the bottom of each leg.

Face the Cookie Minute to Win It Game

The Face the Cookie game is probably the funniest spectator Minute to Win It activity. The contestants need to guide a cookie from their forehead into their mouth using only their facial muscles. Face the Cookie is an ideal  party game for all occasions.

This Blows Minute to Win It

This Blows Minute to Win It game is done by inflating a balloon, and using the air to push cups off the edge of a table. This Blows Minute To Win It activity is simple to set up and suitable for all agesThe Goal of This Blows Minute to Win It Game Slide 15 plastic cups off the edge of a table by using the air from an inflated balloon.

Moving Balls Game Activity

The aim of the challenge is to get groups to work together. Each group is given a tarpaulin with holes and some tennis balls. Groups must now work as a team to successfully move the tennis balls around the tarpaulin. They must do this for as long as they can and must avoid dropping the balls through the holes and prevent the balls from rolling completely off the tarp.

Separation Anxiety Minute to Win It

In the Separation Anxiety Minute to Win It Game the contestants need to sort out chocolate candies (or you can use plastic tokens) into 5 plastic cup containers based on their colour, and using only one handThe Goal of Separation Anxiety Minute to Win It Game The goal of this game is to pile up 50 candy-coated chocolates (or plastic tokens) and then sort them by colour.

Floating Helium Stick Activity

In the Floating Helium Stick Activity, you start by dividing the group into teams of 8 people per team, unless of course they are already in teams. Each team will be given a Floating Helium Stick at the start of the activity. The teams must now try to lower the Stick until it touches the ground, however one of the rules is that the team are only allowed to make use of their index fingers.
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