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Scrapheap Challenge Team Activity

Scrapheap Challenge implicates a great deal of scrap and original thought. In this exercise the groups will have to invent a device, making use of scrap that will safeguard an egg that falls from a certain height.Required Resources: Scrap (anything and everything), old newspapers, scissors, eggs, paper, pens and Sellotape.Space Required: Small Indoors or Outdoors.

Minefield Activity

In this Activity the group here come face to face with a 'battlefield' where mines have been placed. Each person in turn must try to pass over the battle zone, making sure not to set off a mine. As soon as a group member sets off a mine, they need to go back to the start and the following team member now must try to cross the battlefield.

Elephant March Minute to Win It Game

Another hilarious Minute to Win It activity. In Elephant March, you'll be wearing a pantyhose trunk weighted down by a baseball and attempting to knock over water bottles. Like most "Minute to Win It" games, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the supplies to play this game at home.

Dizzy Mummy Minute to Win It

In this game a player will take one end of the toilet paper and hold it in their hand. The roll is held on a holder, broom stick, or by another player next to them. When the clock starts the player must spin around as fast as they can as the toilet paper wraps around them. This is a hilarious game and can be the source of laughter.

Back Flip Minute to Win It Game

This is a simple to set up Minute to Win It Game where contestants need to flip 12 pencils on the back of their hand and catch all the pencils. The activity starts with 2 pencils and another two are added after each successful catch. The contestant wins the challenge when all 12 pencils are caught within the one minute time limit and bags some points for themselves or the team.

Bouncer Minute to Win It Game

The aim of Bouncer is to end up with one ping pong ball in each of 20 glasses. The game is played in pairs, but each person needs to get 10 ping pong balls balls in 10 glasses.The Goal of Bouncer Minute to Win It Game The team starts off with 20 pint glasses placed in a row on a table. Each person gets 10 ping pong balls.

Don’t Laugh Activity

Don’t Laugh is a hilarious circle game energizer activity which is sure to create plenty of energy and be the catalyst of getting any event off to a flying start.

It’s all about the Balance

It’s all about the Balance is a fun game that is a variation of a tag game.  It’s all about the Balance is slower than the standard tag game and offers multiple variations with just a few simple props required.

Clever or Stupid or Dead or Alive

Clever or Stupid is an interesting lateral-thinking team building exercise which can also be used as a time-filler. Clever or Stupid is a puzzle styled activity that requires the teams to work out a ‘secret key.’  Clever or Stupid stimulates critical-thinking and listening skills. No props are needed.

Save the Species

Save the Species is an interactive tag game which works well with large groups. This fast paced tag style fun group game promotes collaboration due to the ‘benefits’ received by helping out those in need.

The Crossword Team

The Crossword Team is a simple yet creative group team building activity that offers a tactile reflection opportunity with a focus on collaboration and empowering the group to explore options with time restrictions adding an interesting dimension.

Random Connections

Random Connections is a playful and fun and interactive greeting exercise that works well for large groups. Random Connections is perfect for as the name suggests forming completely random partners. No props are needed for this activity.
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