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Negotiation Auction Game

In what we call the Negotiation Auction Game a certain value of cash money is placed on auction to a group of players. We suggest a small amount like $10 or possibly $20, however this auction activity works well with anything between $5 up to $100 (we suggest only using a higher amount if those playing are senior management or wealthy individuals).

Human Knot Activity

The exercise starts off with having everyone stand in a circle. Each person must then connect and hold hands with somebody opposite them, which will create a ‘Human Knot’. The aim of the exercise is to then untangle themselves, but nobody is allowed to break contact or let their hands go.Resources:No Props Space Required:Small space either Indoors or Outdoors.

All Aboard Activity

The entire group participating in the activity must fit into a circle or square which is on the floor.  After the group has all successfully fitted into the circle or square, the object will then be made smaller. Each time all participants fit into the object, it will then be made smaller and smaller.

Our Side Is Better

Our Side Is Better is a team building activity that showcases the behavior patterns of teams and the dynamics therein. Our Side Is Better explores assumptions and highlights critical-thinking and the benefits of social awareness.

Bean Counter Game

The Bean Counter Team Building Activity is based upon the ‘fete’ styled ‘how many sweets are in the jar’ game with an interesting group dynamic spin that illustrates critical-thinking and creativity.

Move Along Ice-Breaker

Move Along is ideal as an Ice-Breaker, Energizer, Fun Group Game or as a time-filler.  Move Along usually results in a lot of laughter and is quick and simple to set up with no props required.

Follow Me Activity

Follow Me Copy Clap Ice-Breaker is a simple and engaging infectious activity that will generate lots of energy and is bound to get the attention of everyone in the group. A no set-up activity that requires no props. It doesn’t get much better than that.To get the game going, start by remaining completely silent.

Tune in Game

Tune in is a rhythmic name-games that becomes increasingly more challenging as the game progresses.  Tune in is ideal for a name learning as well as an interactive ice-breaker.

Birds of a Feather Game

The Birds of a Feather Game is a humorous getting to know you exercise that explores common attributes of team members, and then an interesting dimension is added.

Watch Out Game

Watch Out Game is a quick moving and fast paced energiser game which can be used to illustrate and teach safety awareness.Benefits of the Watch Out Energizer Group ActivityFast-pacedVery energeticHones observation skillsEncourages collaborationRequired PropsStop-WatchRubber or gym-spotsConsidering a change in your activities? This game could be it.

Rain Rain Activity

The Rain Rain Activity can be used as an Energizer for small and large groups and as an Ice-Breaker. This fun and entertaining activity starts calmly and slowly and transcends into an energized atmosphere before reverting to a soothing and calming state.

Comfort Zone Activity

The Comfort Zone Activity is an activity that guides groups and individuals to explore which skills they should consider developing in a visual and simple manner.
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