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Ah So Ko Game Activity

Ah So Ko Ice BreakerAh So Ko is is a fun and engaging circle game for groups of all sizes Whether you have a group of three or one hundred, it is important that when forming the circle, you make sure everybody can see each other clearly. You can start off by warming the group up, give them a story to imagine. For fun, ask everybody to think of cavemen, how they could communicate without language.

John And The Button Factory

Bill and the Button Factory GameHilariously Funny Group ‘Copy Cat’ activityBenefits of playing Bill and the Button FactoryThe game is funThe activity is very energeticIt is interactive and has everyone movingYou don’t need any propsTo get everybody’s attention, have the group gather together because you would like to sing them a song.

Balloon Connections Ice Breaker Game

Balloon Connection GameEntertaining activity improving group interactions. Meeting new people and connecting with them can be a daunting and difficult task, but what if we can explore this by participating in a fun activity. If everybody puts in an effort to connect with each other, and does it in a positive and fun way, it could make huge difference.

What Is Their Posture Group Team Building Activity

What is their posture B F SkinnerA very fun group game that is innovative and involves all the members of a group.

Balloon Tag Game Fun Game

Balloon Tag GameA fun and fast tag activity using balloons. Balloon Tag is very similar to most other tag games, the only difference is that instead of having to touch another person with their hand, you must jump around popping balloons.Balloons are easy to find, cheap and there are so many ways to use them as props in an activity or game.

Titanic Group Team Building Activity

Your group is on the Titanic as she starts to sink. You only have a short amount of time to grab a few items. Your team must decide which of the items are the most important and top priority. Working together as a team you must use your decision-making skills to choose your top items.

Egg Roulette Game

Egg Roulette GameEgg Roulette is a messy but fun game with a light hearted sense of anxiety. Egg Roulette is a fun, but messy game. Depending on how many eggs you can get your hands on and how many people are involved, you can do this with six or more eggs. Just make sure to have most of the eggs hard boiled and the rest remains raw.

Bloop Balloon In Air

Bloop Ice Breaker EnergizersBenefits of playing Bloop This is a great exercise to energize a groupIs a good way to encourage co-operation.Great interactive game, fun gamePhysical activity, creating movementBloop Fun group team building game for smaller groups. Larger groups of people can be separated into smaller groups of 2 to 4 people.

Bounce Jump Bounce

Bounce Jump Bounce EnergizersBounce Jump Bounce is a quick energizer activity that get's groups active after a break or the start of the day. This activity can easily be used to wake up crowds after having been seated for a while. Have everyone stand and find a partner. Then have them hold out their arms and extend them as far to the side as they can go.

Birthday Numbers Group Activity

Great math’s puzzle for smaller groups where the individuals get you to think out of the box.

Poker Face Group Activity

The Poker Face Group GameThe Poker Face Group Game can help to explore the behavior within social groups, how we treat each other. Are there expectations and rules we’ve been brought up on that affects the way we treat people? Most of us make up our minds about somebody we meet for the first time almost immediately. We reach these impressions, many times without even saying a word.

Once Upon A Time Activity

This activity is a simple concept that usually brings out a large amount of creativity for those colleagues or co-workers that we had boxed into a certain type of character. Instructions for Once upon a Time Game The aim of the activity is to have the group create their own storyHave one member of the group start things off, beginning the fictional story.
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