Virtual Team Building Events

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Back to Back Game Ice Breaker

Easy team building or group activity which is done in pairs as part of a interactive fun games day. The Back to back activity does not require any props and is great for energizing a group or as a time filler between other activities. Step by Step Instructions for Back to BackThis easy activity requires no props and explaining should not take more than 2-5 minutes.Great for larger groups.

All Catch that Ball Activity

An original and challenging group activity where the objective is to catch an ever increasing number of balls. The activity becomes increasingly more difficult with pressure mountain all the time. A great planning and collaboration activity that can be done inside and outside.

Rapid Fire Activity

Rapid FireSimple and fun target practiceStep by Step Instructions:All you will need are some rubber bands, 6 soda cans or plastic cups and some tape or stringSet the cups up in a triangle formation on a tableMark out a foul line about 8 feet awayOne player must try to shoot the cups with one rubber band at a time, making sure to remain behind the foul line.

Face The Cookie Activity

       Face the Cookie is a challenge that was originally developed as part of Universal Studio’s popular Minute to Win it television game show. In the original challenge the contestants need to move a cookie (or biscuit) from their forehead and use only their facial muscles to move it into their mouth twice within a minute.

Great for organising smaller groups and works well with both adults and children. Fix a coloured dot onto the forehead of each participant. Ask the participants to stand up and move around the room in silence. Participants must find out what colour their dot is without talking. Once they know what colour their dot is, they find others with the same colour and that will be their group.

Throw a balloon into the middle of the group and everyone has to keep it from touching the ground, you can add rules like participants cannot touch it more than once in a row. You can also do this by having everyone lay on the ground with their feet or heads touching in the centre of a circle and then throw the balloon in the middle.

As a lateral-thinking exercise, this game is ideal for sparking critical-thinking in your group. People have to look beyond what is obvious, and discover another truth. As you can imagine, the connections one can draw from the experience of looking for the ‘key’ to the real world are many.
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