There are many different and fun ways where you can select a secret person.

 Fun Games
Having Fun
1- 5 minutes
1 – 8, 9 – 16
Children, Youth, Adults

Step by Step Instructions

  • Get everybody together in front of you
  • Before any activity begins, explain that you require a secret person and need to choose one.
  • Then you can select one or more of the fun methods below.

How to Play

You will be able to find quite a few activities and games that require you to appoint a secret person. This is usually done before the game begins, some examples of games include Pruie, Wink Murder, The Rock game, and Finding Nemo. In this case, you cannot just ask somebody to be the “Secret Person”, that kind of defeats the point. So, in order to keep it secret, there are a number of ways to
achieve this.

Let’s have a look at some of these ways:

  • The first one is called “Thumbs up”: Get everybody close together in a group, all bunched together. Have them extend their arms, also have them fist their hands and stick out their thumbs. So, everybody doesn’t see anything, have them look in the opposite direction or outward or everybody can close their eyes. First, choose somebody to squeeze a thumb, this person then squeezes a thumb sticking out only once, and is not the Secret Person. Then have the second person randomly squeeze another thumb twice. This person will then
    become the “Secret Person”. The person making the selection should do so in about 3 seconds and not longer. If you don’t want to be chosen all you have to do is place your thumb facing down.
  • The old Pull from a Hat option: Tear some pieces of paper into pieces and write on one of them the role designated for that particular game. Now put all the pieces of paper into a hat or other container and make sure to mix it up really well. Then ask each person that is a part of the game to select a piece of paper. This method also works well if you need to have more than one “Secret Person”.
  • Tap the shoulder: This is fairly easy to do and only requires the members of the group to space themselves out a bit so that somebody can easily walk in-between everybody. Instruct everybody to close their eyes and walk in and around the group. Randomly and gently tap on the shoulder of the one you want chose as the “Secret Person”. Here you can also choose more than one person if required. For this exercise, you could also have everyone stand in a circle and close their eyes. You now move quickly around the circle and tap somebody on the shoulder as you go past.
  • Marbles: This is done the same as above, but instead of tapping on the shoulder, you can place a marble, washer or other small objects into their pocket. Most people have pockets, but if somebody doesn’t, just pass them by. Remember a pocket could also mean a breast pocket and not only a pants pocket. At the end of this exercise, the chosen person who finds the object may give themselves away because they are surprised by what they find. No
    worries just redo the activity. Now everybody knows that whoever finds the object should put on their poker face.
  • Using a deck of Cards: For this, you obviously require a deck of cards, which you then distribute amongst the members of the group. The one who has a particular card, for example, the Queen of Hearts, is then the “Secret Person”. If the group is small, remove some of the cards and then distribute making sure the card you select has been handed out. When taking or being given a card, make sure nobody else sees what your card is.

Facilitating tips

The whole point of choosing a random “Secret Person”, is that nobody can be accused of selecting a person for a reason. The reason could be, you don’t like a particular person, or you choose them because they would have more of an advantage. This is all ruled out if you follow the above methods properly.

Different Variations

Here are a few ideas, you can use these if you don’t really need the person you choose to be a secret. Everybody will know who the chosen person is:

  • Choose a number: Have everybody think of a number from 1 to 100. The person who comes up with a number that is closest to your number is then the chosen person.
  • Draw the short straw: For this you can use straws or sticks. Choose one to cut in half and then hold them all in your hand or place into a container. Everyone should then select one and the person who chooses the short straw or stick is then set apart for a specific role in the game.
  • Cell Number: Announce to everybody a number that is between 10 and 99. Then ask everybody to think of their cellphone number and select the last two digits. For example, the last two numbers could be 7 and 8 and together 78. The number that is closest or even the same as the one announced, is then chosen.
  • Birth Date: Get everybody together and announce a day and month of the year. The person who comes close to or whose birthday is on the date announced is chosen.
  • Uncommon colour: Choose a colour that doesn’t usually show up in a particular piece of clothing, such as socks. Each person wearing this colour, is then chosen.
  • Head or Tails: Have everyone stand with either their hands on their heads or behind their back. Toss a coin in the air, whatever faces up on the coin when it lands, this person remains standing. For example, the coin lands heads facing up, the people with their hands on their heads remain standing and the rest are eliminated. Have members do the same for another round until there is only one person left.
  • Coins: Make sure everybody has some change on them. Announce a year or certain amount, like 20c. The first person to find a coin from that year or a 20c coin, is then chosen. If nobody has a specific coin, then choose one that is closest.