We came across an article, “Responsibility Requires a Change of World View from Companies” highlights a dissertation by Pasi Heikkurinen. The premise of the study is that “image-centric corporate responsibility strategies” do not foster sustainable development.

Sustainability and successful community engagement for corporate responsibility requires a re-framing of the activity. There seems to be a warning against pushing the responsibility out to the customers or other stakeholders.

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Being aware of the new view is important in the ongoing shift in the fabric of corporate responsibility.

As the article relates:

The awareness-sustainability perspective does not subordinate everything to the organization’s economic processes, but also assigns intrinsic value to external actors.

“If a company decides to build strategic corporate responsibility from this starting point, it can set a course for sustainable development,” Heikkurinen maintains.

While the article is a bit difficult to decipher, we at WorkRfun feel confident that there is a simple way to translate the message. Setting a strategy that focuses on community giving allows companies to be a positive force and gives their employees a sense of purpose and engagement that benefits not only the company but the cause. Has your company built a new framework for their own corporate responsibility efforts? Is now the time?