You’ve heard of team building workshops, and how they can help groups become more productive by improving valuable workplace skills.

But charity team building workshops? What do they bring to the table?

As it turns out, a lot.

Charity Team Building Means Accomplishing Even More

For charity team building, we employ the same techniques used in our corporate team building workshops. In other words, we use hands-on activities to reinforce key points covering important topics:

  • ways to improve communication
  • ways to think more creatively
  • ways to solve problems as a group
  • ways to allocate limited resources

The difference with a Charity Team Building workshop is that you get to work towards a higher goal while you improve teamwork skills. Whether it’s building bicycles for deserving kids or putting together care packages for our far-flung military heroes, your team will be drawn together in immeasurable ways as they work to serve the community.

Virtual Team Building EventsHelping Others Helps Build a Better Team

We humans are pretty much all alike in some regards: we work harder when we see a purpose to our actions. The driving force behind our Charity Team Building workshops is based on this fundamental principle: teams will form tighter alliances, work harder to overcome obstacles, and even feel a closer connection with their company when they’re pulling together for a common cause they all believe in.

Given the chance, you team will jump at the opportunity to give back to the community- research shows that employees want to work for a company with a social mission. With charity workshops, you’re not only building teams, you’re building your company as well.

Challenging Teams and Inspiring Individuals

Charity team building workshops tend to be a lot of fun. Of course we designed them that way! But don’t let the laughs and light-hearted activities fool you: there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than fun and games!

You see, there’s an art to developing charity workshops: the social element must drive every activity, yet each module must contribute to the growth of your team, as well. Our course developers know how to create a workshop that keeps your team focused on the social mission, while allowing the facilitators to draw important workplace lessons from each thing they do.

The end result is a fantastic day spent working for a charitable organization while “effortlessly” building valuable workplace skills that will continue to make your team better at what they do, further down the line.

Everyone wins! Take a look at our Charity Team Building options…there’s one for every occasion, every team and every purpose.

Rescue Me Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop 

Putt Putt Pantry Charity Team Building Event

Build a Wagon Charity Team Building Activity

Wagging Tails Charity Workshop

Donate a Dinner Charity Team Building

Freedom Wheels Charity Wheelchair Building Event

Mission for the Military Charity Group Event

Mission for the Kids Charity Group Activity

Build a Bike Charity Corporate Team Building Group Event

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