Children today have an opportunity to engage in activities and games that entertain them, fascinate them, amuse them and educate them. We’re dedicated to providing information that will help children grow and expand their universe.

Children games have changed over the past decades. They have evolved from an exciting board and card games to games online that are just as, or even more, challenging than previously. When you search Google for online games for children, you will find virtually millions of links. Some will charge a registration fee and any others are free.

You, as a parent, need to exercise caution when letting your child play online games. There are many dangers everywhere, and the Internet has fast become one of them. It is important that you check out every site that your child is interested in. As a matter of fact, you should probably play along with them, so they don’t wind up on a site they shouldn’t.

When it comes to children activities there are many categories from which to choose. Arts and Crafts are great for younger children. Of course, this will depend on your child and their interests, but you can almost bet that a toddler will simply love painting or making great crafts with you. Board games are an excellent way to get the family together for some fun. Again, keep the age range of the board game appropriate for those that will be playing the game.

If you are seeking to add some educational fare to your fun, you’ll have no challenges there. There are hundreds of fun, educational activities and games that you and your child will enjoy. You should think about activities such as identifying different zoo animals or taking a nature walk and identifying the things you see on the walk. Of course, you could consider museums, site seeing trips, and educational computer games.

Children games have been around, well, since children have. From simple outdoor games that children make up as they go along, to intricate board games that require a good thought process, games have been entertaining children throughout their childhoods.

Children games serve a purpose more than just entertaining children. Games such as Stratego and battleship can teach a child reasoning skill. Children games can assist with many different aspects of learning; all while your child is having fun.

It is very important that you choose an age-appropriate game for children. When you have small children, puzzles that contain big pieces will assist them with their motor control and with hand-eye coordination. Candyland and Chutes & Ladders will assist children with counting skills while they are having fun at the same time. They do not even know they are learning.

When an adult joins the game, it can make the game even more enjoyable to a child. By playing these Children games with your children, you are creating lasting memories for them.

Choosing games that do not have small pieces that could cause a choking hazard for small children will allow them to enjoy the games safely.

Card games are wonderful for children of all ages. A game like Old Maid and crazy eights can help a child to identify matching pictures and numbers, and for older children, Rummy and Cribbage can assist a child with counting skills.

Games for older children can often lead to hours of fun where they are challenged by intricate moves to win the game. They test the child’s reasoning skills and can help develop other skills as well as having fun.

Games have changed over the past decades. They have developed from exciting board and card games to online games that are just as challenging. When you do a Google search for online games, you will yield millions of links. Some will charge a registration fee and others are free.

It is necessary to exercise caution when letting your child play online games. There are many dangers everywhere, and the Internet has fast become one of them. It is important that you check out every site that your child is interested in.

Trust your instincts, they are usually not wrong. If you are uncomfortable with a site for any reason, then you should not allow your child to visit it.

It is recommended that you supervise your child, and closely monitor their online gaming activities.

It should also be mentioned that when playing online games, that children tend to get more absorbed into the online game, and the online gaming community. They tend to lose track of time and reality when they play these games.

Limiting the child’s time on these games can assist them with time management skills.

Another type of Children’s game that is in the “Modern Age” is video games. There are many different types of video game systems some cost hundreds of dollars.

The games for these systems are designed to be age appropriate. For small children, there are sponge bob and Scooby Doo games that will delight small children for hours on end. There are hundreds of games based on your child’s favourite cartoon characters.

Children games for older children include all types of sports games including football and baseball as well as Nascar.

All these video games are rated to ensure that it is age appropriate. There is a lot of violence in some of the more popular video games and parental supervision is strongly recommended.

Another type of video game is a hand-held video game. These games are based along the same lines as the standard sized video games, the only difference is the cartridges are much smaller and the hand-held games run on batteries.

There are many different children games that line the shelves of toy stores. Many of them are new games based upon characters from modern cartoons. Many more are tried and true games that you most likely grew up playing.

Many of the companies that have created Children games have been around for decades, some even a hundred years or more. They have adapted their Children games to change with the times, making them just as enjoyable now as they were when you were a child.

Walking through the game section of a toy store can bring back special memories when coming across that game that you and your friends played as children. You will want to buy it for your own children, so they can create the same fond memories. You may even find yourself sitting at the table playing with them.

Carnival Games for Children

Carnival Games for Children

Whether you are forming your own miniature carnival in your backyard or at school or you are taking your children to a carnival, there are a variety of carnival games for children that your children can enjoy. Children’s carnival games can be great fun. If you are planning a carnival for your child’s school or your town, make sure you read this article and get our helpful ideas for carnival games for children.

The key to a successful carnival is to have carnival games for children that are suited for their age range. If you have several age ranges, you want to make sure that you cater to all age ranges for more fun and enjoyable carnival experience. Here are some great ideas for children’s carnival games.

Tic Tac Toe

This is a game everyone knows how to play, and you can do this one of two ways. First, you could use plastic balls or bean bags. The goal is simple, three up and down, side to side, or diagonally wins.

Knocking Down the Target

This is always a fun game. Again, you can use plastic balls or bean bags to play this game. You have targets lined up with hinges that will allow them to easily be “knocked down” and the targets can be anything at all. If you are having a winter themed carnival, consider penguins or snowmen, if you are having a fall themed carnival consider crows, scarecrows, or pumpkins.

Dunk or Sponge

Every child loves to watch their favorite teacher or adult sink into the dunk tank. However, if you cannot afford a dunk tank, consider a sponge toss. You create a sturdy backboard with a hole large enough for someone’s face to be placed. You wet sponges and give each child three chances to hit their target.

These are only a few of the many fun carnival games for children you could incorporate into your carnival. Some others might include speed pitch, soccer kick, ring toss, duck pond, pie throwing, and hoopla. The fun and choices are never ending with it come to carnival games for children.

Cool Games for Children    

Cool Games for Children             

As parents, it may be very difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest in cool games for children. There are so many different games available, it is hard to decipher between cool games for children and un-cool games for children. So, what are the most popular games of today? Well, since it changes so frequently with the new innovative ideas and new products, it is impossible to tell just how long the games in this article will be cool in the eyes of children.

The following cool games for children were not only specified as cool by children but their parents as well. The best games are those that parents and children like to play together.

‘Bouta Face

This is a very popular game among children released by the popular Grape Games. This game is suitable for children eight years old and older and is for two to four players. The games consist of funny faces and matching for memory fun.


One of our cool games for children ages six years old and older. This game is played with two to eight players and is very similar to Old Maid. The goal is to match all your sneakers and not have the only sneaker without a match.

Match of the Penguins

This game’s popularity is thanks to the many penguin movies that have recently been released. The goal is to find identical features of the penguins and earn points.

Trivial Pursuit for Children

This DVD version of the popular trivia game is the top-rated cool games for children in our eyes. This game is played with two to six players and with an age range of eight to twelve years old. The trivia is based on cartoons, movies, and other fun facts that only children will know.

Other cool games for children include Rat-A-Tat Cat, Battleship, Zooreka, Crazy Mixed Up Zoo, Spider-Man Web Slinger, and Rattled. All great, all fun, and all well worthy of the name cool games for children.

If you are looking around for a fun activity for your children, children board games are the way to go. There are literally hundreds of different board games for children and many of which you may have played yourself when you were younger are still popular today. Many children love playing board games and most of the time they learn at the same time. Children board games are great for learning how to count, learning their colors, or even their alphabet, even if you do not realize it board games can be very educational for children.

Some of the popular games that have remained popular since you were younger are still in existence. Games such as Sorry, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Candyland are great board games for children. Then there are old favorites such as Connect Four, Yahtzee, and Clue that have stood the test of time as well. The age of the child will determine which game would be best for them.

Many of the popular board games have Junior editions for the younger children, for examples, Yahtzee Jr., Pictionary Jr., Monopoly Jr., Trivial Pursuit Jr., and many others.

The best Children’s board games are the ones you can play together as a family. Psychologists recommend setting aside one night per week as family game night. This is a great way to get the whole family together, have some fun, and talk about how your week has gone at the same time. You as parents will love playing your old favorites, while your children make them their new favorites.

Educational Games for Children            

Educational Games for Children           

We all want our children to be learning, however, once they leave school (if in fact, they are school aged yet) they simply have no desire to keep learning. Their little brains have had enough if you ask them. They want to come home, watch television, and play their games. Well, with children educational games, you can let them play their games and be content in knowing they are learning something.

There are plenty of games around that have a real educational value to them and do not needlessly waste their brain on shooting up criminals or finding the gold at the end of the path. Depending on which way you want to go, you can find educational games on the internet, in computer software, and even in specific equipment from places like Wal-Mart.

Some great online children educational games can be found across the internet and at no cost. For example, a great website carrying loads of educational games for children is called “Fun Brain”. This website offers a variety of word and math games based on the grade level of the child.

For children at the preschool to sixth-grade level “Fun School” is a fabulous website. This website incorporates excellent graphics and colourful aspects to grasp and maintain the attention of the child. There are downloads, printables, grouping games, word games, matching games, and math games.

From the internet, there are still some very exciting and fun children educational games. All you need to do is go to the toy aisle in Wal-Mart and you will find a ton of great educational games for children. Leapster and Leap Pad are among the most popular of today. These can be standalone electronics for great learning games from reading to math and everywhere in between, such as handheld version or larger lap versions.

Children’s Internet Games    

The internet is a vast place for many different activities. You can chat with friends, keep in contact with long distance family and friends, as well as do your shopping, research, and get the latest news. However, that’s not all the internet is good for, internet games are surging in popularity and with the variety of games available, this popularity shows no signs of slowing.

Children internet games are also extremely popular. Children now have something to do when they are bored on a rainy day and have nothing else to do. What is great about internet games for children is that you can control what games they can and cannot play or even make sure they are playing educational games that will keep them learning as they have fun.

There are many different children internet games all over the vast expanse of the internet. There are many free games, as well as paid “Children communities”. The paid communities are not extremely expensive but are a great way to keep tabs on what your children are doing on the internet and make sure your children are having safe interaction.

There are so many children internet games all over the internet that your child could be playing a different game every day for one full year. However, make sure that your child knows the rules of internet activity, gets your permission, and practices safe internet exchange when talking with other game players.

Math Games for Children              

Children often find it very difficult and boring when it comes to learning math. They would much rather be off doing something else that is far more fun and exciting. However, we know that learning math is a very important fundamental in life. Since they must learn math to succeed in school and in life, why not make learning math fun with math games for children.

For many of us, when we were learning math basics in school it simply was not any fun. Nowadays there are a variety of children’s math games that can make the entire process from start to end a game, so much more fun than the traditional learning styles. In fact, children love playing games so much that they will not even realize they are learning all at the same time.

There are math games for children at a variety of learning levels. For example, pre-schoolers will enjoy learning how to count and sort a variety of fun creatures such as frogs, worms, and bugs in the children’s math game “Let’s Tackle Math!” And the exciting game of My “My First Brain Quest – Add and Subtract.” Those in the early grades of elementary school will enjoy the Math Mat Challenge Game.

Children of all ages will enjoy math games for children such as “Countdown”, which is a dice game for two players. The Flinch Card Game, which is a game of playing cards in a number sequence, comes in a variety of different levels, great for children of all ages.

Of course, you cannot forget the ever popular, family fun game of Uno. Uno is one of the best math games for children because not only will it teach numbers, but it will also combine the basic colours, and of course, you cannot forget the fun that the whole family can have in playing Uno.

Reading Games That Children Love            

One very difficult time in any child’s life is learning how to read. They can become easily frustrated and troubled when they have difficulties. Reading starts at a very young age, typically even before they reach Kindergarten. When children start learning their alphabet, they are setting the stage for reading.

It is imperative, especially for young children, that parents and teachers alike make learning to read fun and helpful all at the same time. Young children have troubles focusing their attention on any one task for a lengthy period, let alone one they have troubles with or simply do not find enjoyable. Reading games for children is a great way to get your young reader on the right track to enjoying the things they read, learn to read and have fun at the same time.

There are a variety of children’s reading games and resources available to parents and teachers that can help mould their young readers to enjoy reading right away. Reading games for children focus on the child’s age and reading level. For pre-schoolers, you could choose children’s reading games such as A.B.Cow, which is a game created by Between The Lions a PBS show in which the child has to identify the missing letter of the alphabet.

There are also a variety of books you can purchase at your local stores that are excellent for beginning readers. These books incorporate fun games with learning how to read and children love to spend time in the “doing homework” and having you grade them. You can even do some of the reading games together to help them get a feel for the fun they are about to have.

Leapster is one of the most popular reading games for children in existence today. Leapster or Leap Pad is not only for reading games either. You can find a wide variety of different reading games for children, as well as math games, and other excellent learning games. What is great about the Leapster products is that children feel like they are playing their handheld games, console games, or even computer games, but they are having a great time learning, without even knowing it.

Typing Games That Teach Children Typing Skills 

I am sure most of us can remember a time when typing was only done on a typewriter. When was the last time any of us seen a typewriter? Nowadays it is a keyboard attached to a computer. Children love using the computer, they use it for homework, chatting with friends, and playing games. Because they love using the computer, they also want to learn how to type quickly and efficiently.

Typing games for children teach children how to type in the correct manner in a fun and enjoyable way. Most of the fun typing games for children can be found on the internet. One very popular typing game is “Shark Typing” This is based on speed, just by typing you get to rid the waters of piranhas and sharks.

The Typing Masters Typing Tutor Game is another one of the many fun and excellent typing games for children. With this one, you get four games in one program. You can catch clouds in the Moving Clouds game, pop bubbles in the Bubbles game, catch beams in the Wordtris game, and learn while typing in the ABC game.

Typing is a very fun and valuable skill. Not only will children love learning with the typing games for children, but with children’s typing games, they will also enjoy watching their speed and accuracy progress, bragging about their new speeds, and showing off while they talk to their friends, type up their homework and reports, and maybe even basket in the glory of being able to type faster than their parents.

Children’s typing games combine a great learning experience with the fun children need when learning new and important skills that will last them a lifetime.

Children’ Outdoor Games

Children’ Outdoor Games

There are so many outdoor games for children, which have been invented and carried on through the generations. Nearly every child has played games such as hopscotch or tag and so have their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents! Such classic games will never die out. Playing outdoors is healthy for a child. There is unlimited fresh air and they get physical exercise. Playing video games is fun too but a Children sitting down for twenty hours a week is probably not going to be as healthy as his friends playing outside. It is also beneficial for a child to play group games with other children, as they can develop leadership and negotiation skills.

A lot of parents are unwilling or unable to let their children play outside because of how modern society is. For example, perhaps they live in a high-rise apartment block without a garden or maybe they are worried about their children talking to unsavory strangers. The best way, however, to get Children to enjoy playing outside is to teach them some games you played when you were younger. Toss a ball or play tag. They will be absolutely delighted. Even if you can only spare 20 minutes, it is better than nothing. There are so many children’ outdoor games that surely you can think of something to teach them. If not, you can have fun creating your own game or go for a walk or to a park.

Treasure hunting can provide hours of fun. You can either hide objects around the garden for the children to find or you prepare written clues which they need to work out, leading on to the next clue and the next and ultimately the prize!

Another outdoor game for children passes the apples. You need two groups of children (so it is better for a birthday party unless you regularly have so many children at your house!) and involves each child passing the apple to the next and so on but they are only allowed to pass from neck to neck. This game encourages cooperation and teamwork and is fun.

A pinata is a popular game for children, which originated in Mexico. You need to fill a bag or container with goodies and blindfold the children. They then take it in turns to swing a big stick at the container and try to break it so the goodies (candy or whatever you like) spills out for them to share.

Obviously, this game will last longer if you make the container strong, so it takes a lot of swipes to get into (not too many else they will get bored and give up!) Supervision is recommended as a blindfolded child might unwittingly swing in the direction of his friends rather than the candy bag.

There are thousands of variations on children´ outdoor games. Ask your children what they play at school. Most children have great imaginations and can invent their own games to enjoy with their friends.

Great Games for Children        

Great Games for Children       

This century has brought into existence many exciting developments in the world of technology. First there came the television set, then the video recorder and now the personal computer which is found in nearly every home. Anything new and electrical is fascinating for children, especially when it can be used to play games.

Do you remember the first electronic games? I had many an exciting game of tennis on my father’s old Binatone Color TV game MK10 (the height of technology at the time!) What fun it was plugged the contraption into the TV and hit square white balls with a white line (meant to be a tennis racket) for three hours at a time. Fortunately, games for children have come quite a long way since then! The Binatone MK10 wasn’t all that educational but it did keep me out of mischief.

There are thousands of games online, both educational and non-educational, and what we like the best for our little ones – educational games disguised as non-educational ones! It is very straightforward to find games for children online. Simply go to or your preferred search engine and type in ‘games for children’ or ‘games for children’ and see how many flashes up before your eyes. Most children are quick learners and once they are allowed on the computer, the average child will discover the joys of the internet and be able to search for their own games with ease.

A watchful parental eye should always be cast over the screen lest your offspring should decide to download ‘Crazed Axe Killer Zombies 3’ instead of ‘Fun Math with Bertie’ but it is easy to find whole websites crammed with learning games which should occupy their minds for a while.

Besides, if you have set your security level correctly on the internet options tab (which you probably already have if you have curious children about the house) the more adult-type sites will be blocked. Children should be encouraged to seek new knowledge and wisdom, whether on the internet, in a library or wherever they may be. Children delight in learning new facts and should know that education does not have to be boring.

So, in order to find some perfect games for children, you just need to go to Google, Yahoo or your favorite search engine, key in something like ‘learning games for children’ and you will get a full screen almost immediately, giving you plenty of choices. Have a browse through the various sites until you find one which looks good.

You can teach your children valuable information about writing, reading, math, friendship techniques, manners and much more just by letting them learn on the internet. Children do tend to learn quickly these days and nearly all can grasp the fundamentals of using the internet very fast. What could be a better supplement to their schooling by letting them play educational games online for free?

Free Children’ Games       

There are games available on the internet which are both fun and educational and some games can be played by children as young as three or four years old. Playing computer games might seem like a waste of time to a parent but if the choice is between sitting mindlessly in front of the TV or playing a game which makes learning fun, there is no contest. Supervision is a good idea, with TV programs as well as with browsing the internet and there are many free children’s games to choose from. It is easy to find games which will appeal to your children.

Does your child like Tom and Jerry cartoons, for example? If you type ‘Tom and Jerry’ and children’ games into Google or another search engine, you can many games based on children’s icons. What is more fun for them, a game featuring characters they love or a game without them? There are all kinds of free children’ games available online these days, everything from traditional classics to arcade games and simulation type games.

Looking on Yahoo or MSN, you can find many single player or multiplayer games. Something else to look out for is an emulator. An emulator is a piece of software which enables you to play games in their original coding, meaning that you can play the old classics you used to love without modifications. Sometimes the old ones really are the best.

The video game industry made a huge ten billion dollars last year, selling its products to millions of gaming fanatics. If you want to try your hand at a new game, you can download free demos or find game reviews online. Plenty of top game developers have websites detailing the newest games, with reviews and previews.

Parents have responsibility for what their children do and watch so it is far better to look for free children’s games on the world wide web than to spend a lot of money on a single game they might get tired of or to sit them in front of the TV. There is so much choice of games online which are totally free.

Do you remember which classic games you loved as a child? You can find modern equivalents or emulated versions of these now too, which is a great way to show your child what delighted you when you were his or her age.

Children’ Party Games           

Children’ Party Games                      

It is traditional to arrange entertainment for the children if you are holding a birthday party. All children love silly games and it can be very rewarding to organize them and watch how successful they are. All you need is a little imagination and you can arrange games for any party or gathering of children. You can even test your games on adults first.

There are thousands of children’ party games to choose from, many of which can be easily adapted to suit the party theme and the ages of the children. Do you remember the kind of games you used to play at parties as a child?

Sleeping lions is a favorite for the parents if they want some peace and quiet. The children have to lie down and not move. If you move, you are out. The adults have to try to make them move with anything except touch. You can make silly noises or tell jokes. If a child moves and is out, they get to help the adults make the other children move. The last child left is the winner. It is a good idea to reward the winner with a little prize.

Balloon games are popular also. Either let children try to break as many as possible by bouncing up and down on them or have them tossing water balloons to one another, taking care not to break them.

The chocolate game is another favorite. Sit the children is a circle and let them take it in turns to throw a dice. When one gets a 6, they have to put on a hat, scarf, and pair of gloves, then pick up a knife and fork and start eating a big bar of chocolate! They are only allowed to use the cutlery. While they are putting on the clothes, the other children keep throwing the dice. As soon as someone else gets a 6, it is their turn. This game is harder than it sounds but a firm favorite.

Bring me can be a fun party game for children. The hostnames certain items and the children have to find those things. Examples can include a lipstick, a sock, a coin, and a wristwatch. The matchbox game is similar. Give each child a matchbox and the winner is the one who can fit the most items inside. I once won a prize at a holiday camp for having 132 items in my matchbox including various bugs (much to the dismay of the organizer) and leaves! Children love a challenge. The garden is the best place for this game.

Whatever games you think up, remember that party games for children need to involve all the children present so they don’t get bored. Children love a variety of games and even if your game has flaws, they are usually very forgiving and prepared to overlook them, as long as they are having fun!

Car Games for Children             

Car Games for Children      

When you are going on a trip rather it is across town or across the country, children tend to get a little antsy and restless. If you are going on a long trip, you do not want to have to stop every half hour because your children are bored and ready to get out of the car. Make sure no matter where you are going you bring along or invent car games for children.

Keeping your children occupied during a long trip does not take a lot of time or money. There are many travel games that can easily be played in the car. For example, there is travel Bingo, Checkers, Chess, Hangman, and so many others.

Handheld games make great car games for children. There are a variety of individual handheld games such as poker games, twenty questions, and racing games. You can also purchase handheld Nintendo’s and Playstations which have a variety of different games at an additional cost.

However, car games for children do not have to cost you any money at all. Many of us grew up playing travel games in the car and our children would have just as much fun with these games as well. You can play the license plate game, in which you try to find a license plate from all fifty states. Your children will also enjoy the game “I Spy”, in which others try to guess what the person is thinking of.

Other popular car games for children include the alphabet game. In the alphabet game, you try to find items consecutively with the letters of the alphabet. For example, A might be Antenna. B might be Buffalo, and C might be Chicago. You can choose city names, animals, or any items you might see during your travels.

Children’s card games are a great way to pass the time and make a long trip seem so much shorter and enjoyable.