Children are always looking for something to do. They are rarely ever still. They seem to always be playing some sort of game, rather it is an outdoor sports type of game, an indoor video game, computer games, online games, a game they made up themselves, or even the good old-fashioned board game. Children are game oriented. As parents, it is not always easy to find games or activities our children might be interested in. What is worse is that it is even more difficult to find interesting activities for our child that teaches them new things, new skills, or tones skills they already have.

We, as parents, are always looking for interesting ways to engage our children in a fun learning environment, but for the most part, kids have ideas of their own, and typically, it does not involve learning. The good news is there are hundreds and hundreds of different activities you can do with your children. The hard part is knowing which activities are suitable for the age of your child. Finding fun and exciting activity for your kids will not be so hard once you understand that you want to keep the activity appropriate for their age.

For example, a young lady of 10 or 11 will likely not enjoy playing dress up like a two to three-year-old might. It is important to keep the activities on target with their age, especially if you want to interest them and keep their interest. The fun part about doing activities with your children is the family time you spend together. Activities are a great way to get to know your child, find out the latest happenings in their social and school life, and keep the level of communication open and high.

Many Games to choose from

Outside Games For Children

When it comes to activities there are many categories to choose from. Arts and Crafts are great for younger children. Of course, this will depend on your child and their interests, but you can almost bet that a toddler will simply love painting or making great crafts with you. Board games are an excellent way to get the family together for some fun. Again, keep the age range of the board game appropriate for those that will be playing the game.

If you are looking to add a little education to your fun, you will have no problems there. There are hundreds of fun, educational activities, and games that you and your child will enjoy. You could consider activities like identifying different animals at the zoo or taking a nature walk and identifying the things you see on the walk. Of course, you could consider museums, site seeing trips, and educational computer games.

If you are getting ready to take a long road trip, make sure you are ready with travel games. These can be small miniature sized versions of popular board games or you can play other games like “I Spy”, “Twenty Questions”, or the ever-popular “License Plates Game.”

If you are looking for special activities, there are many that are geared specifically towards holidays. For example, Valentine’s day, kids will love being able to create their own valentines for those special friends and family members. Christmas time is also a great way to get kids involved and start making crafts.

Seasonal Children’s Games


Seasonal Children's Games

During Christmas time, they could make decorations for the home or the tree, make their own unique Christmas cards, or take the kids out for Christmas carols in the neighborhood for a great time. During Christmas, there are so many fun activities and you will never run out of ideas.

You could go look at the great light displays, set up your own light display as a family, sing Christmas songs, go skiing, or go sledding right in your back yard. For many holidays and seasons, there are great activities that your kids will absolutely love. Easter eggs hunts, summer lemonade stands, creating decorations for specific holidays, or even a fun trip to the beach.

Get creative and gather input from your child or children about things they might want to do. Kids are some of the most creative people we know, and you can often get excellent and fun ideas right from their very own heads. The key is to engage your child in an age-appropriate activity, spend time together, and have a great time doing it.