Though finding a time to gather your entire team for an off-site meeting can stretch the limits of your scheduling prowess, the value of spending a few hours away together is, well, invaluable. Off-sites offer teams a chance to press the pause button, get on the same page, and make plans for moving forward together.

Consider the value of scheduling an off-site meeting at least once a quarter:

Detaching from the Office

Going away for a meeting allows team members to detach from their workstations and to-do lists, which seem to be magnets for workers during on-site meeting breaks. Getting away (and detaching from computers and smart phones) prevents team members from being distracted by well-intended interruptions. Without emails, texts, and phone calls, your productivity will skyrocket!

Virtual Team Building EventsA Different Perspective

Off-site meetings provide teams with an opportunity to stand back together and look at the big picture. It’s easy to develop a narrow point of view in the trenches, which can lead to silo thinking. Off-sites can bust the silos and build and strengthen connections that make a significant difference in the life of the team.

More Time

In the office, meetings tend to be a couple of hours at best and, as we discussed earlier, people can be easily distracted during those hours. Having a full or half-day dedicated to being away together will allow you to work through the topics and issues that are most important to the team. Often, these are topics and issues that have been on the back burner for way too long.

Eating Together

Numerous studies show that high-functioning families make eating together a priority. The same is true for work teams. Having lunch together at an off-site lead to stronger relationships that affect team interactions. Though scheduled, intentional conversations need to be the focus of the off-site, casual conversations in a relaxed environment can give your team the edge that you’ve been looking for.


Getting away together will provide team members with an opportunity to recharge their often-depleted energy levels. Let’s face it, there’s tons of work to be done and the workplace often comes with unavoidable stress.  Off-sites are opportunities to reconnect, resolve concerns, and rekindle passion for the company’s mission. A good offsite infuses the team with energy that will inspire them to tackle the days and months ahead!

Increased employee engagement leads to higher productivity, higher retention, and more success for your company. Getting away together will increase the engagement of your team and focus them for whatever is next!