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Energizers are short activities that last between 5-20 minutes that increase the energy level of a group.

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Going Bananas Energizer Group Activity

Activity OverviewThis quick and loud energizer activity has a high level of silliness and quickly charges up a group. The group repeats a simple chant over and over again, getting louder and louder as they go. By the end, the group is shouting and jumping about.ObjectivesFire up the groupStep By Step Instructions The activity begins with the group in a circle.

Crossed - A Lateral Thinking Energizing Activity

Activity OverviewThis is the best activity to use when the participant's energy levels are a bit low or after doing an intense activity and a bit of light relief would help. It may also help a group to be more creative. Best suited for groups of six to twelve people.

Line Up Energizer Group Activity

Activity OverviewThis is an energizing activity that helps members of a group get to know each other, network, and recognize what they have in common.ObjectivesTo enhance the get-to-know process at the beginning of an event.Materials NeededWhistle (or some other attention-getting noisemaker)Step By Step Instructions Instruct participants to move around the room for almost a minute.

Smile Kitty Smile Energizer Activity

Activity OverviewA simple and precise group activity aimed at trying to make each other smile a bit. Participants take turns being 'kitties' and 'puppies'. The puppies try to make the kitties crack a smile or laugh.

Count Up Energizer Activity

Activity OverviewIn this short activity, a team or group must count up to a certain number, taking turns in a random order, with no two participants speaking at the same time. The task is simple, however, it takes focus, calm, and awareness to succeed. It is effective to generate calm and focused collective energy in a group.

Fall in Line Energizer Activity

Activity OverviewParticipants taking part in this activity must organize themselves in a line according to certain criteria (like height) without speaking. The activity encourages non-verbal communication and teamwork. Simpler versions of the activity can be used in the early stages of group development while more complex versions can be used to challenge more established groups.

The Synchronized Clap Energizer Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity is simple yet challenging and very effective for creating focus and alignment in a group. Participants stand in a circle and send a clap around the circle. Each clap involves two members of the group clapping their hands at the same time. The group tries to move the clap around the circle faster and faster with as much synchronization as possible.

Cluster Group Tag Activity

Benefits of Blob TagYou don’t need any propsIt’s a great way to energize a groupWorks great with larger groupsThe game aids in developing critical thinkingHelps to improve cooperationHow to play Cluster Group Tag Activity  The game can start off with a group dividing technique or simply ask the group to form pairs.

Simon Says What Energizer Game

Simon Says What is an entertaining variation of the well-known Simon Says game geared towards interactive experiential Group ActivitiesBenefits of Simon Says What Energizer GameVery energeticMakes you thinkEverybody is involvedFun and amusingNo props neededHow to play Simon Says What Group Energizer GameEverybody can get involved with this game, it is an easy activity where you get to follow the l

Tag The Toe Game

Tag the Toe GameTag the Tow is a fun energizing game for partnersBenefits of Tag the Toe GameVery energeticEasy warm-up exerciseGreat time-fillerNo props neededHow To Play Tag the Toe GameThis an ideal quick time-filler exercise, ensuring an increase in a groups energy levels. Divide everyone into pairs, for this, you can also use some ‘Getting into Pairs’ ideas.

Thumb Wrestle Mania

Thumb Wrestle GameThumb Wrestle Mania is a fun game to be done in pairs or in teams with players rotating.

Its Super Smile Time Energizer

Its Super Smile Time GameIts Super Smile Time is a lively game that will produce loads of laughter and fun.Benefits of the Its Super Smile Time Easy and fun to playEncourages laughterPromotes awarenessNo props neededHow To Play Its Super Smile Time Energizer ActivityThe game can start with the group forming a circle, you as the facilitator can also join in the fun.
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