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Energizers are short activities that last between 5-20 minutes that increase the energy level of a group.

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Knee Tag Energizer Group Game

Knee Tag Ice Breaker Energizer Game Knee Tag is a lively tag game, great for larger groups and pairs.Benefits of Knee Tag Energizer Easy to playHigh Energy gameVery interactiveNo props neededHow To Play Knee Tag Energizer Group ActivityWhen the group has gathered together, ask them to find a partner with knees similar to their own.

Jump de Jump Tag Energizer

Jump de Jump Game Jump de Jump is a fast-paced jump and tag energiser game that will challenge everyone.Benefits of Jump de Jump Energiser Group ActivityFun and PlayfulWorks on reflexesEncourages competitionElimination activityNo props neededHow To Play Jump de Jump Energiser Group ActivityHave everyone form a circle and provide each person with a number.

Squat Me Baby Energizer Game

Squat Me Baby Energizer GameSquat Me Baby is an amusing balancing activity, great for partners or teams in a groupThe Benefits of Squat Me Baby Energizer and Ice Breaker Activity  Improves balance skillsPartner activityHealthy competitionNo props neededEncourage everyone in the group to seek out a partner that have hands which are more or less the same size.

You Are All It Tag Game

You are all it Tag GameYou are all it is a classic tag game, with surprises, and is suitable for larger groups.

Elbow Tag Energizer

Elbow Tag Game Elbow Tag Energizer or Ice Breaker Activity is a Fun, fast and furious tag game for groups.Benefits of Elbow Tag Energizer or Ice Breaker ActivityFun and interactiveVery energeticEncourages critical-thinkingNo props neededHow To Play Narrative Elbow Tag Energizer ActivityGet everybody to find a partner, for this, you can also use some fun ‘pairing off’ games.

When I Say Energiser

When I Say GameWhen I Say Walk and Stop is a challenging game requiring good listening skillsBenefits of When I Say Walk and StopSimple to understand but difficult to executeImproves communicationDevelops listening skillsNo props neededHow To Play When I Say Walk and Stop Energizer Group Activity Make sure to play this game in a large space, so that everyone can spread out.

Balance The Cup Energizer

Balance the Cup is an interesting stretching exercise which is amusing when done is a group. BenefitsModerate stretching exercise for the whole bodyImproves dexterity and focusDevelops balanceRequired PropsOptional – soft itemEverybody will want to try an get this stretch right, it is fun and can be successfully done, even if it takes a few tries.

Tag The Knee Game

Tag the KneeTag the Knee is another tag styled activity that suits groups of all ages. When the group has gathered together, ask them to find a partner with knees similar to their own. A strange request you might think, but it is quite funny to observe people making knee comparisons. Of course, this is not necessary, as any method dividing members into pairs would work just as well.

Don’t Laugh Activity

Don’t Laugh is a hilarious circle game energizer activity which is sure to create plenty of energy and be the catalyst of getting any event off to a flying start.

Watch Out Game

Watch Out Ice Breaker and EnergizerWatch Out Game is a quick moving and fast paced energizer game which can be used to illustrate and teach safety awareness.Benefits of the Watch Out Energizer Group ActivityFast-pacedVery energeticHones observation skillsEncourages collaborationRequired PropsStop-WatchRubber or gym-spotsConsidering a change in your activities? This game could be it.

Rain Rain Activity

The Rain Rain Activity can be used as an Energizer for small and large groups and as an Ice-Breaker. This fun and entertaining activity starts calmly and slowly and transcends into an energized atmosphere before reverting to a soothing and calming state.

Catch the Comet Energizer

Catch the Comets Energizer ActivityCatch the Comet is a fast paced and engaging energiser activity that will get the adrenaline going and the group chomping for more activities. This versatile activity needs a large space.
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