Energizers are short activities that last between 5-20 minutes that increase the energy level of a group.

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The Bobsled Group Energizer Game

The Bobsled Game is a hilarious and highly-energetic group energizer that is sure to get the group going. This energizer can be used for all size groups and with any age. No props are needed and it can also be used as a time filer or even as a stand alone activity.

Count those Fingers

This is a quick energiser activity that can be used in groups of all sizes and with lots of different variations.

Catch It If You Can

Catch it if you can Energizer and Ice Breaker Benefits of Catch it if you canThe game has some great benefits for all participants, here are a few:The game is very energetic and a great form of exerciseIt is something everybody can enjoy and also have fun with.This activity can also help to improve fine motor skills.This game is a fun and interactive activity that is simple to plan and complete.

Bloop Balloon In Air

Bloop Ice Breaker EnergizersBenefits of playing Bloop This is a great exercise to energize a groupIs a good way to encourage co-operation.Great interactive game, fun gamePhysical activity, creating movementBloop Fun group team building game for smaller groups. Larger groups of people can be separated into smaller groups of 2 to 4 people.

Bounce Jump Bounce

Bounce Jump Bounce EnergizersBounce Jump Bounce is a quick energizer activity that get's groups active after a break or the start of the day. This activity can easily be used to wake up crowds after having been seated for a while. Have everyone stand and find a partner. Then have them hold out their arms and extend them as far to the side as they can go.
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