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Dizzy Mummy Minute to Win It Fun Games

Dizzy Mummy Game Minute to Win ItIn this game a player will take one end of the toilet paper and hold it in their hand. The roll is held on a holder, broom stick, or by another player next to them. When the clock starts the player must spin around as fast as they can as the toilet paper wraps around them. This is a hilarious game and can be the source of laughter.

Back Flip Minute to Win It Game Fun Games

Back Flip Minute to Win It Game This is a simple to set up Minute to Win It Game where contestants need to flip 12 pencils on the back of their hand and catch all the pencils. The activity starts with 2 pencils and another two are added after each successful catch.

Bouncer Minute to Win It

Bouncer Minute to Win It GameThe aim of Bouncer is to end up with one ping pong ball in each of 20 glasses. The game is played in pairs, but each person needs to get 10 ping pong balls balls in 10 glasses.The Goal of Bouncer Minute to Win It Game The team starts off with 20 pint glasses placed in a row on a table. Each person gets 10 ping pong balls.

Save the Species tag game

Save the Species is an interactive tag game which works well with large groups. This fast paced tag style fun group game promotes collaboration due to the ‘benefits’ received by helping out those in need.

Ways to select a secret person

There are many games and activities that require a secret person. For obvious reasons you can’t simply ask for someone to volunteer.

Peg Tag Fun Game

Peg Tag Group Fun GameThe Peg Tag Game is another version of the ever popular 'Tag' style of ice-breaker, energizer or Fun Game which comprises of lots of energetic running and swerving.

Unaware Game

Unaware is simply brilliant in a completely unassuming way. Unaware is a secret hiding and passing game that will keep everyone intrigued until the curtain come down on this thought provoking activity.

Follow my Claps Fun Group Game

Follow my Claps Fun Group GameA group clapping activity where the challenge is to follow a sequence of different movements increasing in difficulty as you progress.

Hula Hoop Jumping Relay Race

Hula Hoop Jumping Relay GameThe Hula Hoop Jumping Relay Race is a fun, energetic and vibrant fun game or can also be part of a themed team building activity. In this activity the teams compete against each other in a race with hula hoopsThe Hula Hoop Jumping Relay Race is simple to set-up and an easy activity to run.

Noodling Around Minute to Win It Fun Games

Noodling Around Game Minute to Win ItNoodling Around is a fun game which originated in the popular “Minute to Win It” Challenge Game Show.

Chocky Time

Chocky Time GameThis rather off-beat fun game is a unusual combination of getting dressed and undressed, a dice and eating a slab of chocolate with a knife and fork. Be prepared for a lot of laughter. Benefits of the Chocky Time ActivityEntertaining and funEncourages healthy competitionPlayfulGreat for all group sizesProps required for the Chocky Time Game 1 x diceSeveral items of clothing, e.

Tilt A Cup Minute To Win It

Tilt-A-Cup Game Minute to Win ItTilt-A-Cup is a fun game which became popular when it was included in the "Minute to Win It" Challenge Game Show.This game starts of relatively easy and becomes trickier towards the end.  The actual process of bouncing the ball and catching it in a cup is not really the difficult part of the game.
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