People love celebrating all the highlights of their lives in the simplest to the grandest ways possible. From little joys to the most outstanding success, they like to mark that special day with a blast. For moms, one of the greatest highlights of their motherhood is their giving birth. So for moms out there having trouble planning their welcome party to motherhood, this calls for a baby shower tutorial!

There’s nothing basic in party planning especially when it’s a baby shower. The event list starts with a venue, a caterer (or choice of food and drinks if it’s an in-house cook), the program, number of guests and baby shower invitations. Even more tedious in making invites is the baby shower invitation wording. But the good news is, with a little time, little effort and a little help from Internet magic, that dream baby shower can be achieved.

Baby shower invitation wording does not need too much thinking. In party invitations, less is more. It only requires a heart and a little wordplay if one wants a personalized invite message. If all else fails and it doesn’t satisfy what is expected of the event theme, there’s always the genius everybody calls Google or all the other search engines available. From there, it is easy to choose from the variety of baby shower invitation wording suggestions available.

Another tiresome phase than baby shower invitation wording is coming up with baby shower game ideas. Since most of the comers are parents or friends who are family people, the need is to amuse them with family-oriented activities. Drop the idea of mind-boggling recreations and switch to going for activities that appeal to the heart or something that would likely to bring closer ties to the family or loved ones.

Above all else, remember that this event is all about welcoming motherhood. It’s not about the games played or gifts received or even the baby shower invitation wording. What matters most is to celebrate being a mom and having a child with family and friends.

Baby shower game ideas for girls

Baby shower game ideas for girls

Putting together a baby shower is one of the best gifts you can give an expecting mother. Fortunately, there are a ton of baby shower game ideas for girls you can take into consideration to help you get started. Get these ideas together so you can put together the best baby shower game set guests have ever seen, making for a truly memorable baby shower.

There are a lot of things that go into putting together baby showers but probably one of the main things you should focus on are the baby shower games. To help you narrow down baby shower game choices, try to make game ideas for girls personal to the mother. For instance, if the mother is into arts and crafts, then maybe some of the baby shower game choices should incorporate that. These baby shower games can also be functional so you can maybe include one game where the guests make something that the baby and mother can use. Not only will this allow the mother to skip out on buying some things for the baby, but the items will have so much more meaning because they came from people special to her.

Baby shower game ideas for girls should also be suitable for the guests playing them so if you have a mix of guests, say you have kids and moms, why not think of baby shower game ideas where only the kids can play, only the mothers can play, and both will be playing.

Some baby shower game ideas for girls you can get started with include:

Name that baby item. Guest who names the greatest number of items won.

Guess the baby. Gather baby pictures from guests and have them guess who’s on the photo. Guest who gets the most right guesses wins.

Baby bingo. Gifts are numbered and mom-to-be will pick a number to see which gift will be opened. Guest with a bingo wins a special gift.

Baby shower game ideas for boys

Baby shower game ideas for girls

Have you ever heard of baby shower game ideas for boys? Baby showers are exciting because they are essentially set in place to welcome the coming of a new baby into your life. They may happen all the time but each baby shower is special because it is being held particularly for one baby. While girls usually fill guest lists for baby showers, the boys, of course, will be more than welcome to participate. If you want to make sure that the boys don’t feel left out, it would be a good thing to incorporate a few baby shower game ideas for boys. There are a lot of baby shower game ideas out there so there is sure to be a number that you can use. Baby shower games make the event more enjoyable so everyone is sure to have a good time. Get those baby shower game ideas for boys rolling so even the boys can take part in the games for baby showers.

When it comes to baby shower game options, make sure you keep things simple and fun. If your baby shower is also following a theme, then make sure that those shower games you are interested in will suit your theme so you end up with a more tied-together program. Some of the baby shower game ideas for boys you can get started with include:

Guess mommy’s tummy size. Baby shower game ideas for boys like this is great for guests who know their way around measuring instruments. Closest measurement wins a prize.

Guess how many safety pins. A baby shower favor, all participants simply must guess how many safety pins are in a container. Closest number wins a prize.

Pin the sperm on the egg. One of the baby shower game ideas for boys who are a little bit older because of what needs to pin on where this is a baby shower spin on pin the tail on the donkey.

Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

Preparing for a family member or best friends baby shower and looking to cut costs? It may be a good idea to use free baby shower invitations that can be found online. The cutest options free baby shower invitations may come in pink, light blue or yellow invites, and other suitable colors. There is a wide range of clean & simple designs, as well as personalized photo invitations.

There are also functional free baby shower invitations that have a double purpose as an invite and as favors. Examples are baby shower invitations designed like little matchbooks in pink & brown or light blue & brown with personalized lines including the baby shower date & venue.

You can also choose the most unique and free baby shower invitations, like those shaped like While scouring the web for great baby shower invitations, you are bound to stumble into adorable party favors and zany baby shower game ideas that will knock the guests off their socks. Simple party favors like a mini candy jar filled with M&M chocolates, or a bag of lightly scented soaps also make great little prizes for game winners.

Innovative examples are scratch-off cards containing many items the stork can bring home, and one of which will reveal the word `baby. Other fun baby shower game ideas include the diaper game, whereby guests are asked to wear a card cut like a baby diaper with a pin. During game time, each guest is asked to open his or her diaper card, and the one who gets the card with a brown poop mark is the winner.

Apart from free baby shower invitations, online baby stores offer a wide range of quality and lovely gifts for new moms & dads. Check out the fun selections of baby shower invitations, gifts, favors, and baby shower game ideas that can add color & sparkle to a special occasion like welcoming a new bundle of joy.

Interesting and Unique Baby Shower Game Ideas

Interesting and Unique Baby Shower Game Ideas

Being an excited parent, you must be looking for baby shower game ideas that are unique, interesting and easy to execute and with internet facility at home, you don’t have to do much to find these ideas than a few clicks. When you are searching for baby shower game ideas, you must keep your searching very specific since you don’t want games that are not interesting and make your guests get bored. You also don’t want to play games with your guests that require too many things to set up. A game that requires little things like setup and is interesting is the one you need.

The first game in your baby shower game ideas is related to the memory of the guests because guests are the main people you need to make interested. This will probably be the trickiest one in your baby shower game ideas. In this game, all you need to do is to have a strong set across the room with many baby items hung on it. Take a picture as proof and in the middle of the party, take off the string and whatever stuff was hanging on it. Hand over a pen and a paper to every contender and ask all the competitors to write down the names of all the thingies on the string in order.

This game has to be one of the most interesting and fascinating ones from the baby shower game ideas. It requires guests to stand in a circle with a baby bottle in their hands. Fill the bottles with whatever drink you like or just water. Ask participants on the count of three to start sucking the bottles and whoever dries up every drop of drink in the baby bottle wins this game. This game is funny, interesting and loved by kids at the party too. You can see many other baby shower game ideas that are similar to this but how well you execute them, is a bigger concern.

Another interesting and tricky one in the baby shower game ideas can be the guessing of the song. Make a list of songs that have “baby” in their lyrics and write the names of these songs on small square pieces of papers. Throw the ballot papers in the middle and ask guests to pick them one by one. Each guest has to perform the song with body movements and without making any sound while others have to guess it. You can make groups of couples so winning and losing team can be decided based on their right guesses. More baby shower game ideas can always be searched on the internet for a true fun party.

Baby Shower Game Ideas for the New Mothers

Baby Shower Game Ideas for the New Mothers

If you are a mother-to-be or have recently given birth to your cute child, you must be looking for some unique baby shower game ideas. Of course, there are good ideas and bad ideas since not everyone has the same choice. If you have internet at home, it is not difficult at all to find some great baby shower game ideas. From the simplest to most complex setups can be deployed on your baby shower day to keep the guests interested and happy. Of course, if one of your friends is holding the party, you don’t need to worry about any ideas.

The first entry in the baby shower game ideas is the bottle race. It is a simple game, does not require any special setup and can be played by anyone at the party. It creates an atmosphere of competition so both the genders can compete against each other and the competition keeps all your guests interested. If the baby you are about to have is your first, you must write this one down in the list of your baby shower game ideas. It’s all about drinking a bottle and whoever drinks first, wins the game.

Another one of baby shower game ideas is the “guess baby items” game. This game is also an easy one because you don’t require a special setup once again and all you need is pens and papers. You will need to hand over the pens and papers to the guests in the party and ask them to write down the names of as many baby items as they can. The guest who writes down the most number of items wins the game and you can announce a simple prize for this game. This one is not to be missed from the baby shower game ideas.

When you are browsing on the internet for baby shower game ideas, you will find hundreds of ideas but the best thing is to find a game that’s easy and interesting. Another game to make it into the list of baby shower game ideas is the memory game. In this game the mother-to-be needs to come to the guests once only to say hi and once done, she must be sent to another room. Give pens and papers to the guests and ask them to write down what the mother was wearing and whoever gets most guesses right, wins.