Spice Up Your Next Party with a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Parties are always in need of something that will make them unique and have people talking about what a great time they had for weeks. The latest idea is a photo scavenger hunt. This will be sure to be a hit and your guests will be bragging about what a wonderful idea this was for your party. How do you play? Here are a few steps to get you started putting together your own version of a photo scavenger hunt.

What are the Rules of a Photo Scavenger Hunt?

The best way to begin is to decide either on using a digital camera, cell phone camera or a Polaroid camera to take the photos you are going to request. The digital camera or cell phone may work the best since Polaroid film is quite costly depending on how many people are participating in your game. The scavenger hunt will be dependent upon your rules. You will have the participants bring back a photo of an object. This will make the game fun for all age groups.

Virtual Team Building EventsThe idea is to make it a fun and exciting time for those who choose to play the game. If you want, the group can split into pairs. Working together may allow them to find the articles they have to photograph easier. The pictures can be taken and saved until they have all the required photos and then a winner of the photo scavenger hunt is announced. Remember judging means the exact item that you requested a picture of must be photographed.

The items you need pictures of can range from famous items in attractions around your area or simple everyday items that one often forgets they own. Certain colors of items might be requested since these are often more difficult to find than typical colors. For instance, maybe a brown water hose. These are mainly made in green and the search for a brown one will make it more interesting.

Another variation of the photo scavenger hunt is to have the participants take photos of one certain item in a variety of colors. The results can be hilarious and you will see for yourself that the participants enjoy themselves as much as you do. The lengths to which they go to obtain a photo of something in a color they cannot find may be quite comical. Do not specify the object has to naturally be those colors. See if their ingenuity kicks in and makes them think of how to get a green flamingo yard ornament instead of a pink one.

Photos of people wearing items of clothing that look silly are another task that can be a part of the fun. For a unique idea, the people should be matched with tasks that they do not do on a regular basis. For an example the petite and perfectly dressed blond may have no idea how to change a tire so a photo of this would be great. The guy next to you probably has not a clue as to how to bake a cake.

The whole idea of the game is to come up with ideas as unique as the people you know. When deciding on the photos you want taken, there are certain rules you will put in place and they should be followed. The photo scavenger hunt is designed to be a good time for everyone. There are items that will be hard to find, some that are not too difficult and others, depending on the age of the players, can be more difficult.

Finding items that may only be unique to your area of the country is another idea. Only certain types of trees, buildings with a certain number of floors, a certain type of bird – the list goes on and on. The more imaginative you get, the more fun the party and hunt will be as well. Once you have the lists together for all your guests, the photo scavenger hunt can begin. If you are not expecting them to find objects to photograph that are extremely difficult to find, you may want to put a time limit on the hunt.

The rules of the game can mostly be made up as you plan the game. The basics of course, will apply, but when planning a Photo Scavenger Hunt, it can be as tame or as wild as you like.