Team building is pursued via a variety of practices and can range from simple exercises to complex simulations designed to develop a team. Team Building is a way of developing and growing an active, skilled and motivated group, which is more productive than work groups with individual mindset. This has obvious benefits to the organisation or group of people.

So, in order to have an effective collaboration with your personnel, the most crucial moments in team building activities are team building icebreakers. The powerful advantages of effective and efficient team building icebreakers sometimes is underestimated, and this scenario causes a lot of issues in corporate activities. For more info please view our extensive database of recommended and tried and tested ice-breaker activities.

Successful team leaders always know how to start a conference, a team building activity or a negotiation. This ability is one of the keys to legendary success with an audience and it should not be underestimated or ignored.

As a leader, you should develop a strategy for enhancing team building activities. The moment when you are at your first contact with the audience is crucial for your future collaboration with them, even if they already know you from your past presentations. Each day, when you have the objective to establish clear and inspiring team goals is a new opportunity for you. The successful beginning is a fundamental component.


Your team is a live organism. It is consolidated by your relationship with each member, that’s why icebreakers in team building are so important. You should have the necessary information about your audience, in order to achieve the best results in your team building activities.

So, how to acquire your best team building icebreakers strategy?

It is very simple. You must pay attention to details and the most important thing here is: observe!

Observe the small details, the level of commitment of people involved in the team and focus on your major cause, your main goal of getting the results you want.

Acquiring such skills is easier when you develop your openness to others and by this, you can influence more people, because the most interesting part is that this influence begins with teamwork icebreakers.

You said something that you know is important for them – you captured their attention!

Team Building Ice-Breakers

They all become yours for at least some minutes. After this, it is your responsibility to use communication techniques like team building energizers, in order to keep your audience in touch with your words and actions. TTeamwork activities are effective when the level of energy you give to others is high and the created atmosphere is a productive one.

The value you give to that people when you know how to inspire them, how to attract their attention and how to keep them concentrated is big, especially when you know how to create relationships with them. By developing a membership, you create trust between team members. You create individual comfort to each of them by being attentive on their overall state of mind now when you have a group task. You develop their openness by properly using team building icebreakers when there are moments of silence. You develop openness when you use team building energizers at the moments when the audience is passive, and you develop an open-minded collective if they see that they can trust your example.

In conclusion, how to acquire your best team building icebreakers is basically the way you observe things around. The more you observed and noticed, the better results you will have as a team leader, if you open yourself to others.

And as you read here, team building icebreakers, as well as team building energizers are 2 main things to take in consideration when you want to keep your audience in focus.

How you can use team building icebreakers anytime you want?

Discovering the way team building icebreakers affect your performance at work, your presentations and your relationship with other people is an important step in understanding how to use team building icebreakers anytime. Focusing on the best results and concentrating on your presentment are the first 2 steps you need to accomplish in order to have a direction of development. After all, performing your best choices of team building icebreakers will affect your audience the way you want it.

This is an example of a regular icebreaker in team building

It’s not a big deal to understand how you can use team building icebreakers anytime you want. First thing first, you must be natural. Natural behaviour is the key of success in everything and as you know, for being successful, first you must change your mindset, concentration and to determine your goal, whatever it is and act.

Using effective and efficient team building icebreakers anytime you want it’s up to you, but first, you must understand that using them anytime you want, means being ready for whatever happens and whatever your task is.

The reason why this paragraph is called how to use team building icebreakers anytime you want is that first thing to consider here is to be natural and to learn how to improvise. You have to be flexible and open minded in order to accomplish such a goal and the reason why it is so important to develop the sense of naturalism is that people feel when you are not ready and people feel when you don’t have an idea about how to begin a seminar, or conference, or whatever you like.

Team building icebreakers are the primary fact that determines your future connection with the audience and, team building icebreakers are the measure of your creativity and natural expression.

So, in order to give them a natural flavour, you must practice. Practice a lot with your team members, with your colleagues and even with your family. Sounds strange? Not even so, because your family or your friends are the people who know you and they can help you improve any icebreakers.

Also, a key to success in team building icebreakers is to be sincere about something, to open your thoughts about a case, about the weather of anything else. Try this out and you will see improvement in your natural presentation

Master your team building icebreakers anytime, anywhere and with anyone

This is also a way of improvement. Team building icebreakers at work, team building icebreakers for kids and team building icebreakers for meetings – all are related to the same principle.

Feel free to engage others in discussions, by using team building icebreakers.

Feel free to ask something in return after the whole presentation and say this before it. It is a kind of an ethical bribe and if so, feel free to engage others in your team building icebreakers strategy.

Mastering team building icebreakers anytime, anywhere and with anyone, comes with time and one of the important things to take in consideration about team building activities is that they have the goal to consolidate the collective. Using phrases and words that relate to people is sometimes very difficult but it’s worth it, because you can find opportunities for the future meetings and presentations.


As I said earlier, the most important thing in working for getting the results you want is to be natural as a human. You see, people are accepting those who are like them, those who are close to their hearts, needs and interests. Even if you don’t have an interest in singing, for example, but you know that in the auditorium, there are people who deal with music and they are from your target audience, you must be prepared to meet their expectation. Do some research about music and find out the last news of something that you know these people are interested in and use this information as a beginning – as team building icebreakers.

Sometimes you may feel that you don’t have the mood for all this and from the first sight it can be a problem, but only from the first sight. When you don’t have the mood, any way you have some information about something and you may want to use it for opening the discussion. As you know, everyone has unique qualities. This should be your starting point. You are unique. So, feel free to use your uniqueness and develop an openness to others.

When you have no mood, the most important thing is to be natural. Being natural means being unique, so feel free to work on your personal development, because by this you will become a more interesting person and you will find more ways to use effective team building icebreakers.

How to acquire your best team building icebreakers?

In general, acquiring your best team building icebreakers is a continuous process. It never stops and it’s never the end of this. It is a continuous improvement of one’s personality.

Try not to underestimate the importance of team building icebreakers, because in all the teamwork activities there are goals to accomplish. Another great option is to incorporate fun games into your daily office routine.

So, I wish you the best results in your performances and presentations and I hope you enjoyed this article about team building icebreakers.

How to Master Your Team Building Icebreakers

Every conference should begin with icebreakers. This small phrases, words or little games are the keys to your meaningful benefits in relationships with your audience.

The first impression is very important, especially when you are new in this business or bargain and it is your first appearance here. You must use effective team building icebreakers.

To have an idea about how to motivate a team, or how to improve a teamwork, check this.

The primary mind opening process is imagination. As we know, “Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience and the learning process”, according to Wikipedia, and this should be your weapon in fighting with the critic audience. In terms of team building icebreakers, imagination plays an important role in your performance and objective. Successful teams are made up of a collection of effective individuals and you can achieve this by using your own imagination and the information you must know about your audience. Team building icebreakers could be developed by simple imagination exercises as improvisation, role-playing and exercising to associate imagery with all the senses. Your imagination is not only a creativity and artistic expression but also it is a mundane form of everyday life.

So, in order to develop team building icebreakers using your imagination,

The first thing you should do is:

  1. Observe

Our world is composed of various elements that are interacting with each other and this form o life, directly affects people’s life and mindset. What is your task here? Observe the clothes, smells, lights, the weather, the sounds, try to feel the atmosphere inside the auditorium and feel the tension or the relaxation that is present, with your whole body.

This is an idea about how to act if you are not ready when you must begin your presentation.

  1. Research

Obviously, this should be the first part, but I put it here because a very small percentage of people will have the interest to research information about the audience. But, in case that you want to do this, you must begin with researching the true information about your audience, because, as you know, the success with your audience comes not only after effective public speaking but also with the private level of communication with your audience. Team building icebreakers are not a big deal when you know your audience, because you can ask something directly, or you can make a joke and you will have the best results because you know your audience. But, the important thing here is your ability to respond to unwanted questions and the flexibility in thinking, acting and speaking.

So, the research part is also an important one, if you have bigger goals with your personnel or people that are consisting of your audience.

Opportunistic team building icebreakers are the ones that you don’t want to use!

Remember this, because when you will use this tip, you will be surprised of your results. Trust me and be confident.

  1. Use improvisational team building icebreakers

This one is ones that are coming from improvisation, are the most natural and authentic ones. These ones give trust flow and the audience is more opened to them. You can develop your improvisational skills when you have enough experience with people and you are familiar with obstacles that you can meet in your public appearances. Improvisation is like you say what you think, but you know what to say and how.

It requires some time to practice, but the results are noticeable.

In conclusion to how you can master your team building icebreakers using your imagination, I would like to add that flexibility is also an important thing to consider when you develop your presentation skills and team building icebreakers. It is as important as the above ideas and tips, because we live a multitasking life, and everything happens. You must be ready for whatever. The most important thing here: because you know where you’re going – your goals and objectives.

Team building icebreakers vs. perceptive imagination

Perceptions are dependent on the view of a person. This view is (ok we are getting a little philosophical here) mostly the result of arranging perceptions into existing imagery by imagination.

Team building icebreakers for work from the other side have the goal to encourage both individual and team development and improvement. In order to merge these two, team building icebreakers are the key to creating a perceptive imagination of the persons.

Perceptive imagination can be used as an idea generator of team building icebreakers. How?

Let me explain. First, what is perceptive imagination? In simple words, it is an image based on Team Building Icebreakers perceptions. In other words, perceptions are integrated into the worldview to make sense. Imagination is needed to make sense of perceptions. So, imagination derives directly from perceptions.

Physical perceptions, moral and spiritual perceptions. All these are derived from a simple thought. So, in order to accomplish your goal of capture the attention of your audience, you must use team building icebreakers like a game of thoughts. For example, “Today, I woke up like I never slept in my life. Huh! What a pretty day! I said and so I began my day.” It is just an example. You could use your own one but remember that perceptive imagination is directly related to all kind of perceptions you can have. This is a secret tool and you must use it attentively because using this too often, you risk building yourself a nerd reputation, because all you can say are just perceptions and not serious things.


As you noticed, in this article i am referring to relation between team building icebreakers and imagination.

This is because imagination is a kind of thing that is a very powerful tool of our minds and team building activities are facilitated when in this activity are participating people with a powerful imagination.

As a quit response to your imagination, team building icebreakers are like a ball that is passed to your audience. It is like passing the responsibility to other. You said something, doesn’t matter what and you asked someone about what he thinks about this – you passed the ball – you passed the responsibility and so, you began an active participating and engaging flow in the auditorium. This technique is one of my favourites, because it involves all the subjects of decision and by subjects of decision, i mean the audience that is full of different people with different backgrounds and experience. This makes the things more interesting and it is like a game in which everyone is important.

Practically, things are like this and you have the responsibility to involve as much as you can, that people that are passive or not interested. Team building icebreakers, have an important role, when passing the attention centre to others. An attention centre is… yes, the icebreakers. So, in order to have the best icebreaker experience ever, you must be responsive to your own imagination.

If you read the whole article, i mentioned that team building icebreakers that you don’t want to use, are the best opportunity you must use. This is all about imagination response. Maybe you don’t want to use team building icebreakers that are about weather, on a day, but if you feel that this is the one that you must use at a moment, use it! In this instance you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And listen, may be this thing about team building icebreakers sounds a bit confusing, by my conception, but in practice, it is very simple. You must learn to become natural and if you want your audience to be captivated, you must give them your best. You can acquire the necessary skills, by reading this article too: click here.

Team building icebreakers are as important as the whole discussion and maybe are the most important; all depends on the tone you gave to your audience.

You want their reaction, not their abstention and so, at this moment you know what the starting point is to achieve these – team building icebreakers.

Reasons to Use Team Building Icebreakers

Team building icebreakers are always important In the workplace, as a leader of a group, you must know how to grab the attention of your people. This is possible when you know a lot of thing about them.

Team building icebreakers, in team building activities, are always important, because people should become ready for your presentation and it doesn’t matter where you are, people are people, and this should be your first belief in order to accomplish your goal of being understood the way you want it.

Team building icebreakers give you a lot of benefits

Just think a little bit. When you use team building icebreakers, the people you meet become more familiar with your manner and every time you use team building icebreakers, it makes them feel interested and let them choose the way you are interpreted. The most important thing here: people interpret you, the way you want, but this process begins with your successful using of team building icebreakers.

Reasons, why you must use team building icebreakers, are simple. You just want to be understood the way you want it and you want to be accepted as an individual with a specific way of keeping the audience close to yourself. Team building icebreakers that are proven to work are the most natural ones and that lots of benefits you can have by using them are simply motivational ones. They motivate you to continue to achieve your best and to present yourself as you plan.

Imagine having 20 presentations a week, just because you are a great speaker.

Maybe it sounds some weird, but it all depends on your sphere of action and your own responsibility towards people, towards the audience. Imagine this and make yourself a decision to use team building icebreakers anytime you must and anytime you are the centre of attention.

Team building icebreakers will give you amazing improvement in your presentations if you will learn how to master them.

Obviously, your ambitious growth will be rewarded with amazing results.


A team leader is usually goal-oriented to keep the team on track. This is your goal, this is your aim, and this should be your most powerful wish in a teamwork activity. As I told you about presentations, the same thing is here at simple team building activities as corporate seminars, corporate conferences or corporate team building.  You must use team building icebreakers and it doesn’t matter if the people already know you. The reasons to use team building icebreakers in your daily tasks, or using team building icebreakers for work with other people are to distinguish yourself as a good team leader and a person who knows that to use team building icebreakers it’s not only a matter of fact, but a strategy of keeping your teamwork productive and constructive.

Also, the most important reasons to use team building icebreakers are to offer clear expectations and to provide feedback to your team members. For more information, read this.

Finally, it doesn’t matter that you are in/out of a presentation. It always requesting a high level of implication and responsibility and as a team leader, you must be not only technically competent in matters relating to team tasks and goals, but also in terms of relating with other people.

It is very important for a team leader to set a manageable list of priorities for the team to keep members focused and this all starts with team building icebreakers.

Team building icebreakers in and out my daily activities

As you know, team building icebreakers are very important in any teamwork. You can use them anytime you need to connect or reconnect to the audience, or simply to the people you work with.

Usually, people are not prepared for working within a team and it is your responsibility to make them be prepared, to create the most comfortable atmosphere and a comfortable work area. You know that achieving this, will lead you to take advantage of each of your team members, because each of them is specialized in something better than others, or he/she has better abilities to do something you and your team can take advantage of.

In simple words, it doesn’t matter that you are in a team building activity, or simply an organizational activity, team building icebreakers can help you to give the tone for work and by using team building icebreakers, you can avoid making some mistakes in communication with your personnel. In or out the daily activities, we make mistakes and we can achieve our best, only by learning from that mistakes.

Common mistakes in team building icebreakers

The common mistakes in team building icebreakers are simple to understand, but not always simple to avoid, because, as you know, team building icebreakers are just words, phrases or even sounds that you must use to attract your people’s attention. In other words, team building icebreakers are the opening door to your future presentation as a leader and as a team in general (because not only the leader is the most important person here. Your employees are also very important, and you must teach them to communicate efficiently by using these phrases, words and even sounds that we call team building icebreakers.)

The first big mistake is not to use team building icebreakers as an important point in a conversation. We usually forget that people have their own lives and their own worries, and this is because our life is a demanding one, today. You must be prepared to use team building icebreakers and not only team building icebreakers, but also leadership icebreakers and energizers, for your team to be in a good shape every time. I’m not saying in perfect shape, because it is impossible all the time. I’m saying, good shape, because in each team building or teamwork, if you achieve 80% of what you planned to do, it is a very good result.

The second big mistake is to use team building icebreakers that are not relevant or have no sense or are correct and suitable only to you.

It is a breaking point, when you use team building icebreakers like this because people will look at you like at a stranger who is not close to them. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t care so much, but if you have big goals you need a team who is dedicated to this goal. So, in order to achieve the best results in using team building icebreakers when you must consolidate your collective, you must be the first who has the initiative and the strategy and of course, you have to be a human and trying to understand your people better than every time. You can use team building icebreakers that are related to their lives in general or and you can do this by communicating with them and engaging them in daily team group activities. You may find this tool useful.

Also, a big mistake in using team building icebreakers is to offend someone or to begin with a bad word.

I think you don’t need explanations here, because I’ve already said that first, you must be a human, then a leader.

One of the biggest mistakes ever is to repeat the same team building icebreakers that you saw that don’t work and don’t even help your team to be more attentive, concentrated and motivated. This is not only a big mistake. It also affects your reputation and your image as a leader.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]


Team building icebreakers are the key to success for a team, even if this is a sports team, or business team, or any other one.

I do encourage you to be open-minded and to try to be as simple as possible in your teamwork and in using team building icebreakers properly. It is not a big deal, to use an effective team building icebreaker, but is as important as the further communication process.

I do encourage you to take this seriously, but do not forget to be natural, because to be natural is the key to anyone’s heart and mind. This should help you to understand what people want and what people need and obviously what you need as a leader, what you need as a human.

To be a human is a continuous process of development.

What If You Will Not Use Team Building Icebreakers?

Team building icebreakers are like a way to get closer to your audience (which is important too) and even if you think that you don’t use them, you will use them anyway, but you will not call them so.

You will use phrase and words that anyway will open the conversation and the interaction with people. But, as you know, team building can also be seen in the day-to-day operations of an organization and team dynamic can be improved through successful leadership.

But, from the other side, what if you will not use team building icebreakers?

I’m telling you that it could be rather a trying not to use but in general your interaction with people not so productive and not practical. Maybe you think that it should look practical, not to use team building icebreakers, but it’s not. Anyway, it is not a hard try. So, give it a go.

Why team building icebreakers are so important

It is said that successful teams are a collection of effective individuals. These are experienced, have a problem-solving ability, openness to addressing the problem, action-oriented. So, in order to have personnel like this, you must create it. Team building icebreakers could favour the process of creating a collective as I described earlier. So, use them and don’t hesitate to experiment.

In general, not using team building icebreakers, from my point of view could be an actual problem for our present teamwork performances. We live a life full of events and there are many external influences. In order to accomplish the goal of creating a strong willing team, to imagine this without team building strategies it is not a serious responsibility. The task will be very poor accomplished. So, I would suggest that you to use icebreakers that are simple, particularly when you don’t have the mood or the time to prepare for such activities as teamwork.

Obviously, it should be a regular daily task to talk with your people to challenge them to new perspectives on actions in your team and according to your daily, monthly and yearly plans.

It is very important to use them because as the whole process of interacting with team members it has a valuable importance in achieving the best results in team building activities.

In the organizational development context, a team may embark on a process of self-assessment to gauge its effectiveness and improve its performance. To assess itself, a team seeks feedback from group members to find out both its current strengths and weaknesses. Think about achieving the best from your team and you will see this happening.

So, what if you will not use team building icebreakers?

My answer is simple. You can try not to use, but anyway you will need to find some phrases, words or other baits for attracting the other’s attention.

So, in conclusion, team building icebreakers are an absolute must.

My point of view on team building icebreakers

Each day begins with the phrase or with something that you feel, that you are keeping in your mind. It could be a melody of your favourite or it can be a phrase a word that you want to use and so on.

My days usually begin with music. It is a song or a melody that I am keeping in my head even when I don’t think about it. Sometimes it is relaxing, but sometimes it makes me nervous, but in general, there is something I usually begin my day with. If it is a phrase or some lyrics I can use them as team building icebreakers and I am using them not only when I have team building activities, but anytime I think it’s needed.

My point of view on team building icebreakers is simple: to be natural and to be yourself. This may it not sounding very serious to you, but this is my rule in general, in life. You see, I make a connection from team building icebreakers to the whole life and maybe it’s not correct, but I think that when you have a life full of information, experiences and when you notice your reaction about everything in life, this can improve your using of team building icebreakers.

Developing your ability to say and to use team building icebreakers is completely your responsibility. It could be your life experience, or it could be your point of view about something or even a frustration on something, but the golden rule is not to use team building icebreakers with negative character, because they influence a lot, your audience’s reaction. Team building icebreakers are coming naturally and this is not only an ability, but it is also experienced and it is the result of being yourself.

Being yourself, it’s not meaning to be as you are, but to be authentic and that means to be honest with your feelings and your point of view, not trying to mask your true belief or your inner temptations. This is the key to success in general, even in using team building icebreakers which is not a big deal, but as you already know, for every success in life, you must work hard and be determined to have specific results.

Team building icebreakers are an important part of any interaction with your team and not only team building icebreakers are so important. Any icebreakers are as important as team building icebreakers, but team building icebreakers are used only in team building activities.

Mastering your team building icebreakers it’s not a big deal. There is a thing that is more important than team building icebreakers, but for a successful beginning of any interaction or any team building activity, effective team building icebreakers are a must.

How Do I Use Team Building Icebreakers

In general, I use team building icebreakers as a beginning point in any discussion. I try to attract the others attention in order to prepare them to listen to my opinion or the things I want to say. Also, I like to use humorous team building icebreakers, because they have the property to relax people. I usually try to make people feel comfortable in the atmosphere of their working and team building icebreakers, as well as other icebreakers are a key to get your audience’s attention closer to you. In that way, people become prepared and they are ready to listen to you.

But in general, I suggest to all of you to be natural, because being natural is not hard and being natural, being as you are it is not only a way of leading, it is also a way of becoming special and to be unique.

One of my friends, told me today that I should think about life simpler. His point of view is that all of us think that we are special, but we don’t have anything that we can carry with us after death. It is obviously a very philosophical theme, but what I noticed is that he also said that all the biggest things in this life, like music masterpieces, sculpture and art masterpieces are so because someone notices them. And this is something to think about. Think for yourself.

Also, I would like to mention that all this thought could be adapted to team building icebreakers, even if this subject is so small and maybe not so important in our lives. Again, if all the biggest masterpieces have been noticed by someone, why not to be a masterpiece but yourself, as a human?

So, in conclusion, I would like to say that I use team building icebreakers in a manner that could be differently interpreted and in a manner of being a bit like nobody. This brings originality, and this also brings results, if I am applying this correctly. Of course, there is no way of being always correct, but I am trying to do my best. This is it.