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Boom Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewBoom is a group game, played in a circle, where participants must react quickly or face elimination. One participant will stand in the middle of the circle acting as a “the sheriff”, pointing at other players who must quickly crouch while those on either side of them quickly “draw”. This activity is most suitable when aiming to generate laughter in a group.

I Love You Darling Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewA simple and short group activity all aimed at making each other crack a smile. Participants take turns in the middle, trying to convince another participant to smile using only the words “I love you, darling, won’t you give me a smile?” The game generates laughter and helps groups build trust and openness through play.

Far and Near Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewNear and Far is a wonderful warm-up activity that provides an excellent pathway to build connections and to discuss various issues of corporate culture and dynamics. Suitable for small, medium, and large groups.

Recite With Me Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThe main goal of the activity is to get to know each other in a meaningful wayObjectivesFor participants to get acquainted with each otherMaterials NeededQuotes equivalent to the number of participants plus an additional 25%Step By Step Instructions Gather the number of quotes required.The quotes need to be prepared ahead of time.

Circle Criss-Cross Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity provides a playful way for participants to realize common attributes among themselves.ObjectivesAssist participants in finding commonalities among themselvesStep By Step Instructions Ask participants to form a circle around one person in the middle.

Say My Name Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis activity is best suited at, or very near, the start of an event, workshop, or meeting where people don't know each other as it helps to learn the names of each other.ObjectivesAssisting participants to learn the names of each other.Step By Step Instructions Instruct the group to sit in a circle where they can all see each other.

Value Inspection Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewValue Inspection is an activity for participants to investigate what their most important values are. It’s done in an intuitive and rapid way to encourage participants to follow their intuitive feeling rather than over-thinking and finding the “correct” values. It is a good exercise to use to initiate reflection and dialogue around personal values.

Recite In Sequence Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis is an activity that can be conducted within a few minutes and cross-examined for a long time to explore different aspects of learning and performance. It can be performed with individuals or with groups of any size. And the best thing is that you don't need materials or equipment.ObjectivesTo examine the impact of previous learning on present learning.

Status Seesaw Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewParticipants are given a short script of 8-10 lines of neutral dialogue. The dialogue may depict a job interview (see the sample below) or a coaching session. Pairs take turns acting out the scene, playing with the status relationships through non-verbal behaviors.

Blindfolded Polygon Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis is a very popular activity used in most teambuilding sessions we run simply because it delivers results every time. It has existed from long before us, in various forms and with a variety of names. The activity can be structured to focus on particular issues by changing a few parameters or altering the instructions.

Letter Jolt Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewThis is a 3-minute energizing activity that enables the participants to explore what makes a task highly motivating.ObjectivesTo identify elements related to the excitement of a task.Materials NeededSeven cards large in size written in bold block letters the following: CDEEITX.

Requests Exchange Ice Breaker Activity

Activity OverviewPeople working in different departments and sections can quickly improve how they ask each other for what they need to be successful. You can restore misunderstandings or diffuse preconceived notions developed over time by making it clear and easy to understand what group members need in order to achieve common goals.
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