Ice Breakers

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You First Activity

You First Group Ice Breaker ActivityYou first is a fun and engaging creative activity that becomes an interesting people dynamic intervention. As the activity goes on the test of compromise becomes more tangible.

Frozen Perspective Activity

The Frozen Perspective is an unusual and interesting group initiative that requires quick thinking and a willingness of one of the group to push the comfort boundaries.

Cocktail Party Game

The Cocktail Party Group Ice-Breaker activity is a creative way to reinforce name learning for a group that has only recently met or just as a fun short time filler or opening ice-breaker activity.

Clusters Group Splitting Game

Clusters  is a dynamic and effective group-splitting method that can be used to split groups of any size.

Busted Ice-Breaker Game

Busted Ice Breaker ActivityFun Group Ice-Breaker and can also be used with children as an energizer. Bound to create a lot of laughter and on occasion interesting disputes that are not serious but fun.

Groupie Truth and Lie

Groupie Truth and Lie Ice Breaker and EnergizerInteresting group variation of the popular and well know two truth and a lie game. People love to learn about each other and this fascinating group based ice-breaker activity plays on these dynamics.

Groupies Ice-Breaker Activity

Groupies Ice BreakersThis amazing and highly-interactive group exercise works incredibly well to mix your group up and break cliques in a short space of time. Always a winner.

Butt Them Over

Butt them over Ice Breakers GameThis is an energetic bodily exercise, fun game and is meant for small areas. This exercise is loads of fun, as the pairs look so clumsy, you will have outbursts of laughter occurring all the time. Before we start, just a word of caution, try not to mention the name of the game just yet. There may be certain shy individuals that may take offence.

Ah So Ko Game Activity

Ah So Ko Ice BreakerAh So Ko is is a fun and engaging circle game for groups of all sizes Whether you have a group of three or one hundred, it is important that when forming the circle, you make sure everybody can see each other clearly. You can start off by warming the group up, give them a story to imagine. For fun, ask everybody to think of cavemen, how they could communicate without language.

John And The Button Factory

Bill and the Button Factory GameHilariously Funny Group ‘Copy Cat’ activityBenefits of playing Bill and the Button FactoryThe game is funThe activity is very energeticIt is interactive and has everyone movingYou don’t need any propsTo get everybody’s attention, have the group gather together because you would like to sing them a song.

Balloon Connections Ice Breaker Game

Balloon Connection GameEntertaining activity improving group interactions. Meeting new people and connecting with them can be a daunting and difficult task, but what if we can explore this by participating in a fun activity. If everybody puts in an effort to connect with each other, and does it in a positive and fun way, it could make huge difference.

Egg Roulette Game

Egg Roulette GameEgg Roulette is a messy but fun game with a light hearted sense of anxiety. Egg Roulette is a fun, but messy game. Depending on how many eggs you can get your hands on and how many people are involved, you can do this with six or more eggs. Just make sure to have most of the eggs hard boiled and the rest remains raw.
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