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Security Guard Activity

Find a nice open space and create an area that includes a start point and an end point. Lay a set of tokens or keys, it could also be any other object, about 5m from the allocated area. The ‘Security Guard’, who is blindfolded, must prevent all other members from retrieving the tokens, keys or object.First, choose a member of the group to be the Security Guard.

Whats Your Name Whats Your Number

Interactive icebreaker activityWhats your Name Whats your Number  is a fun, numerical approach getting to know people. It is an interactive icebreaker activity that encourages curiosity.  A minimal number of props are required, which are Pens, Sticky Tape, Pins and Index Cards.

Jelly Bean Barter Game

Jelly Bean Barter GameThe Jelly Bean Barter is an entertaining ice-breaker activity with a dose of added sweetness.  Benefits of Jelly Bean Barter ActivityVery simpleFast-pacedNon-threateningRequired PropsJelly BeansCup or paper bagHow To Play the Jelly Bean Barter Ice Breaker ActivityTo prepare for the game, buy a large packet of Jelly Beans or another type of small sweet.

Human Spring Ice Breaker Game

Human Spring Ice Breaker GameThis exercise is used to impart trust and an active balance initially between two people, and then progressing among others in the group.

Airport Greetings Large Group Ice-Breaker

Airport Greetings is an unusual communicating ice-breaker game that encourages slow-motion actions.Interactive Large Group Ice-breaker Activity Get your group to divide into pairs, using fun ‘Getting into Pairs’ ideas. For example, start jumping up and down on one leg and then see if you can find someone else that is doing the exact same thing.

Jump In and Jump Out Ice Breakers

Jump In and Jump Out Ice BreakerThis game is very simple but challenging and will definitely bring out some laughter in the group. Have the group form a circle, they must all be facing into the circle while holding hands. Facilitators and leaders can join in.Explain to the group what you want them to do – “Say what I say and Do what I say.

Random Connections Ice-breaker

Random Connections is a playful and fun and interactive greeting exercise that works well for large groups. Random Connections is perfect for as the name suggests forming completely random partners. No props are needed for this activity.

Move Along Ice-Breaker

Move Along is ideal as an Ice-Breaker, Energizer, Fun Group Game or as a time-filler.  Move Along usually results in a lot of laughter and is quick and simple to set up with no props required.

Follow Me Activity Ice Breakers

Follow Me Copy Clap Ice-BreakerFollow Me Copy Clap Ice-Breaker is a simple and engaging infectious activity that will generate lots of energy and is bound to get the attention of everyone in the group. A no set-up activity that requires no props. It doesn’t get much better than that.To get the game going, start by remaining completely silent.

Birds of a Feather Game

The Birds of a Feather Game is a humorous getting to know you exercise that explores common attributes of team members, and then an interesting dimension is added.

You First Activity

You First Group Ice Breaker ActivityYou first is a fun and engaging creative activity that becomes an interesting people dynamic intervention. As the activity goes on the test of compromise becomes more tangible.

Frozen Perspective Activity

The Frozen Perspective is an unusual and interesting group initiative that requires quick thinking and a willingness of one of the group to push the comfort boundaries.
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