Interactive Group Games

Interactive games and activities are a great tool to help newly formed groups or even established to have some fun, while getting to know each other better and in the process form stronger relationships.

The definition of interactive is action and communication between two or more people. The action could be a two-way communication which can be the result of a structured group activity.

An example of an interactive group game is one in which participants take part and the facilitator encourages feedback between those that took part in the game.

Certain team building games are specifically designed as interactive games, and the lessons learnt, and the narrative of the day can be implemented in the work place.  The underlying concept of these interactive guys is to influence the participants subconscious to a positive outcome with long term benefits.

Here are some recommended activities that appeal to a wide range of environments and require little props or equipment. These activities are based on the principle of using fun as a tool for people to drop their guard.

If you find these exercises useful please search our extensive database of group activities.