Roll the Dice Game

Competitive, exciting dice game for small groups.

 Fun Games
 Communication, Collaboration, Having Fun
6 – 15 minutes
1 – 8, 9 – 16, 17 – 30, 31+
Children, Youth, Adults

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Create smaller groups of 3 -5 people and have them form circles.
  • Hand out a piece of paper or an Index card to each player, and then one pen
    and a pair of dice to each group. The paper is in front of each player, while
    the pen and dice are in the middle of the circle.
  • The player to win the game must be the first person to write down all the
    numbers from 1 to 100 onto their piece of paper.
  • Get a volunteer form each group to start by throwing the dice.
  • If they throw two different numbers, then the next person must continue by
    throwing the dice. Move to the left or in a clockwise direction in the circle.
  • When a player throws a ‘Double,’ they must shout out the word “Double.”
  • They are then allowed to grab the pen and start writing down numbers,
    starting from 1,2,3,4… onwards onto their piece of paper. Once the player
    starts writing, the next player to the left must throw the dice.
  • This player can continue writing numbers until somebody else throws a
  • Continue the game until a player reaches 100 on their Index Card or paper.


  • Fun and Playful
  • Competitive
  • Unique dice game

How to Play

Do want a fast and fun dice game, then this one is it. Divide a larger group into
smaller groups of about 3 -5 players. Any more players will slow the game down and
you want it to be fast and active.

Hand out the index cards or paper to each player, as well as one pen and some dice
for each group. Have groups form a circle and instruct players to place their paper in
front of them, with the dice and pen in the middle.

Even though you have smaller groups, the overall objective of the game is for all
players. The aim being; one player from any of the groups must be the first to write
down the numbers from 1 to 100 onto the paper. Prizes could also be awarded to
those from any group, who come in second and third.

To begin, ask a volunteer from each group to start the game. This person then
throws the dice and passes them on to the next person in the group, moving to the
left or in a clockwise direction.

When a player in a group happens to throw a ‘double,’ which means the same
the number comes up on both dice, they must then shout out ‘Double.’ This then allows them to reach for the pen and start writing down numbers – 1,2 3,4 etc. Once the player starts to write, the next person, to the left must grab the dice and throw.

The player that is writing may continue to do so until somebody else throws a
‘Double.’ This player can then grab the pen from the previous player writing down
numbers and can then start writing numbers down on their piece of paper.

The game continues like this around the circle, and if a player has another
opportunity to shout out ‘Double,’ they can then resume writing down numbers
from where they left off. For example, if they had to stop at 10, they can then
continue from 11 onwards.

The game continues around the circle until a player reaches the number 100 on
their paper. Once a player reaches 100, allow the other groups to play on, allowing
others to also reach 100, as everybody writes at their own pace.


  • Dice
  • Some Index Cards/Paper and Pens


  • Indoors

Useful Framing Ideas

Are you slightly or very competitive? You will find a small section of the group
raising their hands. Well then, let’s see who is really competitive in the next activity!

Do you believe in luck and do you think you attract this good luck more than others?
The next game is a game of chance and luck, it involves throwing dice and seeing if
the dice rolls in your favor. Even though everybody has the same chance when
starting out, some feel they are just not lucky at all. Let’s find out who’s the lucky
one with this next activity…

Practical Leadership tips

The game can be played on the floor or you can set it up around a table. The only
requirement being, players must be able to easily reach the dice and pen as they
play, both from the table as well as from other players.

A great tip; try to find large dice, this will help players see the numbers more
quickly. Do you not consider yourself competitive? I’m sure you will find your
competitive streak playing this game.

Observe how everyone starts playing in earnest, the excitement developing soon
after the group starts playing. I googled it, the singular of dice is ‘die,’ but it seems
you can use the word ‘dice’ for both the plural as well as the singular. The word
‘dice’ is used more often, and you hardly ever hear anybody making use of the word
‘die’ anymore.

Reflections Tips & Strategies

Here are some questions to ask the group, which will help them to process their
experience of the game ‘Roll the Dice Game.’

  • Did you observe anything while playing the game?
  • What are your thoughts on these behaviors or occurrences? Explain.
  • Why are some competitions so addictive, while others are avoided?
  • In what other areas in your life do you find yourself becoming obsessed?
    What do you think the consequences are?

Popular Variations

  • Teams: This can be used for much larger groups, where you do not have
    enough dice. Have players form into pairs and then smaller groups. When it
    comes to a pair writing down the numbers, each player must write down five
    numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and then swap with their partner who does the same. They
    can continue in sets of five numbers each until somebody else throws a
  • Swap Hands; When it’s a player turn to write their numbers down and
    reaches 50, have them swap the pen to their other hand and continue
  • There are plenty of interactive and exciting games to play, such as, ‘The Story
    Game’, ‘In the Manner of the Word’, and ‘Ah So Ko’ to name a few.