Planning a scavenger hunt can be very, very easy or you can make it a bit more challenging by using a good Scavenger Hunt List. Experience with this party pastime and family-gathering activity shows that a certain amount of pre-planning will make your hunt enjoyable and memorable.

Of course, the first thing you must consider is who will be at your party or other gathering. You don’t want to make the challenge too difficult if older folks and young children are involved. Physical and knowledge limitations have to be considered. In addition, you can plan an outdoor scavenger hunt for adults, while the same activity might not be as enjoyable if those adults must supervise children.

When making plans for a scavenger hunt narrow the focus by choosing a good theme. The hunt will be easier when everyone has a theme that will hold the activity together. In addition, a clear theme will help you choose items that are challenging but also understandable.

To summarize, you should make some notes that will help you understand the guests you are planning for. This written outline will also help you narrow the focus of the challenge. Everyone will understand what is expected.

Finally, don’t make the fun and games too easy. In fact, some of the items on the “to get” list can be easy and others can be a bit more difficult to find. If a scavenger hunt list is too easy it’s not nearly as much fun. The most enjoyable activities combine laughter and challenge in the right combination.