People just love having scavenger hunts. I remember participating in one when I was a kid. But it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a kid, a teen or an adult. A scavenger hunt may be played by anyone, regardless of age. It’s really a fun way of bringing people together. A scavenger hunt may also be done during a bachelorette party to make the event more exciting. You and your girlfriends can bond and have fun at the same time with a bachelorette scavenger hunt.

Doing a scavenger hunt will leave you with lots of stories to tell even when the party’s over. Gather all the bride-to-be’s closest female friends and family and start organizing this fun-filled activity. A good two or three hours is enough for you to have this game. Remember, the goal is for the participants to finish ahead of the others, but don’t forget to make the hunt pretty challenging as well.

Be sure to make a list of the tasks to do and give copies of the game sheets to all participants. You can make the lists on your own or download the ones available online. Put corresponding points for each task and agree on the finish time. Divide the participants into teams and send them off to start the hunt.

Since most scavenger hunts are done outdoors, let’s say in a bar, it’s best that you have itinerary ready before proceeding. Keep your cell phone and digital camera ready just in case you have those unguarded yet funny moments that are worth remembering.

Once the teams are done with their tasks, you can now tally the points to see which team won. Give the prize to the winners and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Having a bachelorette scavenger hunt can really spice up the bachelorette party, especially if the tasks are exciting. That will surely make the bride-to-be’s “last night out” as a single lady all the more memorable.