Successful, focused companies typically have several things working well internally that determines their success. A mix of process, products and people, to the right clients and even good timing, it takes a lot to make it work well. In time of growth, pressure and intensity, even the best intended companies can take the team that’s driving the amazing outcomes for granted.

At WorkRfun, we remind even the most ambitious and successful company leaders that taking time for “team” can be the best investment they can make in times of intense growth, change, and focus. With so much at stake in running a company, leaders often need a partner in helping them step back from the day to day in order to let breakthroughs and the bigger picture back in.

A key to reconnecting with your team is to start with understanding their motivations, preferences for communication, and approach to experiences. Understanding personality types goes a long way in comprehending peoples’ needs, preferences, and what drives them, as well as making team relationships more meaningful. Also required is a respect for their uniqueness and talents. In knowing this, leaders can make strategic, fitting changes for their team composition, uncover skills and gifts that might have otherwise been missed, and help your team realize areas of the company that they could, or should, be more involved in and would enjoy. Team building activities go a long way towards gaining this understanding and building valuable relationships with your team.

Virtual Team Building EventsWhen they identify their talents and develop them into strengths, people are more productive, perform better, and are more engaged.  Which are all the ingredients of a successful business. Whether you have time for 2 day, or even only a half day, taking time for team development is one of the most critical business investments leaders should make when striving to continue their success. With an engaged, understood, and connected team – anything is possible.