The best way to bring a team together is to help them help others. Team building activities that gives back to the community teach the skills needed to function as a high-performing teams while enabling participants to discover the significance of engaging their hearts in their work together.

The giveback programs are much more than a community service project. These programs usually focuses on helping a specific child or family who is need of a little help. During the program, team members are completing challenges and overcoming obstacles together in order to earn or create items for the giveback recipients. Then, at the end of the giveback experience, teams will meet and interact with the families being helped. No one’s life is the same after that point!

Virtual Team Building EventsExamples of community giveback team building activities include:

Challenge your team to leverage strengths and develop communication skills as they solve clues, complete tasks, create solutions, and make a significant difference in the lives of a local family in need. The giveback can be bicycles or school supplies for local kids or wish list items for a local family.

Challenge your team to leverage strengths and work efficiently as a team to create a bed for a local child in need. Team members will complete custom-designed challenges in order to accumulate the resources needed for the project and then draw upon their various strengths to assign roles to complete the project.

Create significant connections between team members while earning wish list items for a local family in need. In Build-A-Bridge, teams will identify and leverage their strengths in order to build bridges out of available resources that sustain a remote-control car over a specified distance. As your team builds physical bridges in this program, they will consider the importance of contentedness in their work.

Challenge your team to help local families in need by working efficiently as a team to design, build, market, and fly a model airplane. Though the main objective of the experience is to successfully build and fly a model airplane out of available resources, team members will be challenged to navigate numerous interruptions and projects that will distract them from the objective. The giveback can be books, bicycles, or school supplies for kids or Wishlist items for an entire family.

Perfect for convention breakouts or companies with workers on multiple shifts, different teams will work over multiple sessions to build a playhouse for a local family. Just like at work, participants engage the truth that all the shifts or departments must be on the same page for the company to be successful.