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Team Building Activities can be a fantastic way of addressing tough business challenges and boosting team effectiveness and employee engagement.

Team Building Activities are a great tool to bring a new team together. The team building activities are an ideal platform to test teams working skills as part of an assessment as well as an environment to educate management on the best practise for team management practices.

Other benefits that can be derived from a team building session is to improve communication between teams which can be taken back to the workplace and improve communications with customers.

An experimental learning event can prepare a team for a challenging workplace project. It can further boost emotional intelligence and employee engagement, while also address issues relating to poor quality, efficiency and productivity.

Another potential benefit of a team building event can be to re-energise teams during or after a tough period and to remove ‘Silo’ working and develop cross department collaboration. It is a great way to reward teams for a great effort.

Team building events are best when they include a large dose of fun.  There are few more powerful enablers of teamwork than laughter. But the laughter needs to be partnered with a sharp focus on encouraging and enabling team members – individually and collectively to raise their standards. And that is achieved by creating and nurturing a safe learning environment where real business problems can be discussed and solved, where personal weaknesses can be strengthened rather than simply accepted or exploited and where group emotional intelligence can be boosted.

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The Benefits of Team Building Activities

The Benefits of Team Building Activities

It is a well-known fact that we all remember and learn by doing – far more so than by reading or listening. The hands-on approach of our team challenges is designed to make people work together and EXPERIENCE the power of teambuilding in problem solving. Team-building ranges from pure fun to specific in-depth training programs. A company will benefit from using a good quality team-building day in several ways. It is people getting to know each other, it is people spending quality time with each other, people getting a chance to learn about each other. It is people using all their resources wisely… read more about the benefits of team building activities

The Following Activities Are Ideal for Team Building

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How many times Activity

How many times is a Team Activity focusing on critical-thinking.Benefits of How many times Group Critical Thinking Group Activity Involves critical-thinkingEncourages creativityVariations availableNo props neededHow To facilitate the 'How many times Group Critical Thinking Group Activity' This is a fun exercise that requires imagination and critical thinking to solve a problem.

Blind Compass Walk Activity

Blind Compass Walk is a Fun, trust-building navigation exercise for partners.Benefits of Blind Compass Walk ActivityHones sensesEncourages TeamworkTrust-buildingNo props neededHow To Run the Blind Compass Walk ActivityTo begin, ask the group to divide up into pairs. Instruct one of the players in the pair to locate a distant object. For example, a tree, a car, large rock etc.

Don’t Crash into Me

Don’t Crash into Me is a fast pace group activity that requires teamwork Benefits of Activity Encourages teamworkPromotes creativityImproves communicationHighlights ImprovementRequired PropsFlat Rubber Markers or duct tape for indoors 1 Hula Hoop per group of 2 teams Step-by-Step Instructions for Dont Crash into me Activity Make sure you have some flat rubber markers, enough for each person

Finish Up Debriefing Activity

The Finish Up exercise is an easy debriefing method and will help you to direct the conversation the way you want it to go. Gather group members together and have them form a circle, then ask the group a question, or simply make a statement.

Build a Bike Charity Group Event

The Build a Bike Charity Team Building workshop is the industry’s most recognized charity team building event.That’s because it’s been around longer than most, and with good reason.

Mission for the Kids Charity Group Activity

Combine the positive effects of a team-building workshop and a mission for a charitable kids’ cause and what do you get? Mission: Kids Care, that’s what!Connect with students in your community as you help them prepare for school and connect with colleagues as you learn valuable team building skills.

Mission for the Military Charity Group Event

Want to make a difference in the lives of active military service men and women? Mission: Mission for the Military is your chance!Team building activities in this charitable workshop are centred around the goal of helping those serving active military duty and stationed far from home.

Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal

Our Rescue Me Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop is all about challenging your team to expand their repertoire of problem-solving skills while they work through modules designed to teach the value of collaboration while you help equip first responders with Rescue Me for children in distress!Teams develop important work place skills by working through a series of fast-paced team challenges.

Putt Putt Pantry

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete team building workshop than Putt Putt Pantry!With its perfect blend of charitable aspects and challenging skill development activities carried out in the most enjoyable, stress-free environment, it’s everything your team needs to make serious inroads towards positive change.

Build a Wagon Charity

The little red wagons represent childhood dreams and adventure for most of us.Even if you never had one as a child, you know these enduring symbols of childhood inspire excitement and imagination in anyone who sees them.That’s the spirit of Build a Wagon, a wagon team building workshop that has your team building red wagons for local kids or families.

Wagging Tails Charity Workshop

Wagging Tails Charity Team Building Workshop Benefits Animals AND Your Team!“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.

Donate a Dinner Charity

Our Donate a Dinner Charity Team Building Workshop puts social responsibility front and center, giving your group the chance to make a difference in the world.
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