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Moving Balls Game Activity

The aim of the challenge is to get groups to work together. Each group is given a tarpaulin with holes and some tennis balls. Groups must now work as a team to successfully move the tennis balls around the tarpaulin. They must do this for as long as they can and must avoid dropping the balls through the holes and prevent the balls from rolling completely off the tarp.

Floating Helium Stick Activity

In the Floating Helium Stick Activity, you start by dividing the group into teams of 8 people per team, unless of course they are already in teams. Each team will be given a Floating Helium Stick at the start of the activity. The teams must now try to lower the Stick until it touches the ground, however one of the rules is that the team are only allowed to make use of their index fingers.

Scrapheap Challenge Team Activity

Scrapheap Challenge implicates a great deal of scrap and original thought. In this exercise the groups will have to invent a device, making use of scrap that will safeguard an egg that falls from a certain height.Required Resources: Scrap (anything and everything), old newspapers, scissors, eggs, paper, pens and Sellotape.Space Required: Small Indoors or Outdoors.

Minefield Activity

In this Activity the group here come face to face with a 'battlefield' where mines have been placed. Each person in turn must try to pass over the battle zone, making sure not to set off a mine. As soon as a group member sets off a mine, they need to go back to the start and the following team member now must try to cross the battlefield.

Clever or Stupid

Clever or Stupid is an interesting lateral-thinking team building exercise which can also be used as a time-filler. Clever or Stupid is a puzzle styled activity that requires the teams to work out a ‘secret key.’  Clever or Stupid stimulates critical-thinking and listening skills. No props are needed.

The Crossword Team

The Crossword Team is a simple yet creative group team building activity that offers a tactile reflection opportunity with a focus on collaboration and empowering the group to explore options with time restrictions adding an interesting dimension.

Negotiation Auction Game

In what we call the Negotiation Auction Game a certain value of cash money is placed on auction to a group of players. We suggest a small amount like $10 or possibly $20, however this auction activity works well with anything between $5 up to $100 (we suggest only using a higher amount if those playing are senior management or wealthy individuals).

Human Knot Activity

The exercise starts off with having everyone stand in a circle. Each person must then connect and hold hands with somebody opposite them, which will create a ‘Human Knot’. The aim of the exercise is to then untangle themselves, but nobody is allowed to break contact or let their hands go.Resources:No Props Space Required:Small space either Indoors or Outdoors.

All Aboard Activity

The entire group participating in the activity must fit into a circle or square which is on the floor.  After the group has all successfully fitted into the circle or square, the object will then be made smaller. Each time all participants fit into the object, it will then be made smaller and smaller.

Our Side Is Better

Our Side Is Better is a team building activity that showcases the behavior patterns of teams and the dynamics therein. Our Side Is Better explores assumptions and highlights critical-thinking and the benefits of social awareness.

Bean Counter Game

The Bean Counter Team Building Activity is based upon the ‘fete’ styled ‘how many sweets are in the jar’ game with an interesting group dynamic spin that illustrates critical-thinking and creativity.

Tune in Game

Tune in is a rhythmic name-games that becomes increasingly more challenging as the game progresses.  Tune in is ideal for a name learning as well as an interactive ice-breaker.
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