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The Escape Room team building theme is a mentally challenging, exhilarating, fast-paced activity where a group of people take on the challenge of solving multiple clues and puzzles that becomes increasingly difficult as the clock ticks towards the 60-minute cut-off. The group need to exit the room before the time runs out. Our Escape Room adventures are refreshingly different, pulsating and will keep everyone engaged for the duration. The bottom line is that everyone will have a great time.

The Escape Room is an ideal fun activity to do whether you are wanting a fun social with a group of family members or friends, having a party or celebrating any special occasion or as a corporate team building event.

Our various themed Escape Rooms have been designed and developed by a group of specialised designers with a passion for creating compelling experiential experiences.

Each themed Escape Room game is completely different. The concept of finding deciphering cryptic clues, solving captivating puzzles and finding hidden items remains the same, however the Escape Room theme sets the tone for the type of activities that need to be completed before time runs out.

Our Escape Room games are ideal for anyone that wants to have fun while putting themselves to test. Most of our Escape Room games are perfect for all ages regardless of level of puzzle solving skills. We also have children and teenage focussed games.

Our Escape Room games and theme are always changing, so you can keep coming back for new experiences.

Escape Rooms are ideal for Birthday Parties

Why not celebrate your birthday by having an Escape Room Party? Yes, there are the other boring old options, however, why not have an experience where everyone is guaranteed to have a fun time.

You have a wide variety of themes to choose from, and your guests can even dress accordingly.

Escape Rooms are ideal for Corporate Events and Team Building

It is a well-known fact that team building plays an important function in a company. The Escape Room game offers a great way to build team morale with its out of the box methodology.

Why not replace the usual meeting or presentation with an opportunity for the team to crack a puzzle? The Escape Room games enable an environment for the team to work together and solve what at first seemed to be an unsolvable riddle.

Escape Rooms for Special Events

Escape Room Games offer the opportunity for a group to celebrate a special occasion in a brand new and not done before way. Why sit in a crowded restaurant or bar when you can spend the time bonding over a host of clues and puzzles.

Our current Escape Room themes:

The missing special agent. Help find him before time runs out

A mass destruction nuclear weapon has been identified. Help find the part that can disable it to stop the world being destructed

Stop the Zombies from taking over. There is a way, but you must move fast

Find the ancient treasures before they are destroyed

Travel back in time to change the future (Children friendly theme)