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Would you like to spend time enjoying a fun filled murder mystery event crammed with hysterical humour and get the chance to role play.

We offer a wide variety of interactive murder mystery events for private parties or corporate events. We minimize the hassle and maximize the fun by event managing every murder mystery for your party, corporate entertainment, stag night, hen night or birthday party or just an event at your local venue meaning you can sit back and relax every step of the way!

Which Murder Mystery Party is right for you?

We can help you decide which type of murder mystery you should do? There appears to be many varieties, but you can really sum them up into a few main categories.

Mix & Mingle murder mystery parties are a great fit for groups ranging in size from 12-75 people. This is possible as we can customize each event to match the specified number of men and women. Mix & Mingle murder mysteries provide a good mix of structure and creativity. Each guest has talking points about themselves along with pre-defined clues as well as rumours about other characters at the party. The format is a great icebreaker and will encourage every guest at your party to interact.

Scripted murder mystery parties

scripted murder mystery parties are very structured and provided limited amounts of flexibility. This is great for smaller groups 5-8 people as you can follow an instruction format that will guide you from round to round. This is best played with smaller groups of 6-10 people. If you find a company offering scripted murder mystery parties for more than 10 people a good question to ask is how many guests get “real characters” …if you are only looking for 6-10 of your guests to talk and the other 20 people just observe this is a great option.

Live performance mystery shows

Live performance murder mystery parties are used with groups ranging in size from 50-250 people. They allow your guests to feel a part of the show, but the actors do all the work. They are usually played around a seated dinner over a series of 3-4 courses. The show ranges in length from 2-3 hours depending on your needs.