The Fashion Show

The Fun performance activity playing ‘dress up’

 Fun Games
 Communication, Collaboration, Having Fun
6 – 15 minutes
1 – 8, 9 – 16, 17 – 30, 31+
Children, Youth, Adults

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Groups should form smaller teams of about 4-6 players
  • Choose a volunteer to be the model for the task.
  • Players then have access to what they need to dress their model, clothes and other accessories.
  • Inform each team that they must now dress their model, and they can do this
    however, they like.
  • Give teams about 15-20 minutes to dress their model, which, if possible, should be done in private.
  • When the time is up, have each team get their model to walk the walk along
    the ‘catwalk,’ displaying their fashion genius.


  • Fun and playful
  • Encourages creativity
  • Supports collaboration

How to Play

Have your group divide into smaller teams of 4 -6 players. Select a volunteer player
or staff member who will become the ‘model’ for each team. Once everybody is ready, get into the act, by announcing their task with a flourish.

Inform each team that they have about 15 minutes, or whatever time you decide, to
dress their model. They can do this however they like with the clothes and accessories provided. There are no rules on how to dress up their model, so they can
be creative in their attempts.

Each team should dress and perform the task in private, so other teams cannot see
each other’s model until the final reveal. When returning to a common area, with all
teams, each model can be draped with a sheet or blanket, to keep them hidden until
everyone is ready to reveal their masterpieces.

Each volunteer model can then throw off their covering one at a time. To make it
more like a real fashion show, have each model walk up and down, just like on a cat-
walk in a fashion show. The results usually provide loads of laughter from everyone.

Useful Framing Ideas

Can you remember a time in your childhood when you just loved to dress up? Maybe
you still do? Well, here is your chance to bring out your inner fashion diva.

Now imagine when you were younger, and you were dressed by your parents,
having no say whatsoever in what you had to wear. Can you remember how this
made you feel?

Practical Leadership Tips

This is a fun and silly activity, so make sure to introduce this game at the best time
during a programme and know your group. The activity is easy, and everyone
should be enthusiastic and should enjoy the experience.

The activity is great for kids, they are sure to jump right in with this one, but it is
also a favorite for adults. To set the scene and increase the enthusiasm of players,
make sure to play some music for the models walking down the ‘catwalk.’

Reflection Tips & Strategies

Here are some questions to ask the group, which will help them to process their
experience of playing the game ‘Dress Me Up.’

  • As the model, how did you feel being ‘dressed up’ by others?
  • What did you feel to be a part of the team dressing up the model?
  • Did you find anything challenging during the activity

Popular Variations

  • Body Paint: If everyone is okay with this, have the model volunteers wear
    swimming costumes, preferably one-piece costumes for the women. Get your
    hands on some non-toxic, water-based body paint, and let teams paint each
    model. This is sure to be loads of messy fun.
  • Choose a theme: Before you begin, select a theme for teams, for example,
    different eras like the ’60s or ’80s, various occupations etc.
  • Shopping Challenge: For this variation, you can, if possible, provide each
    team with some money (only a small amount). Each team can then go to a
    second-hand clothing store to buy their clothes and accessories for the task.
  • Limited items: Reduce the number of items for the task, making the challenge
    more difficult. For example, only provide things like newspapers or towels etc.
  • There are many other activities requiring imagination, such as the ‘Great Egg