If you have ever planned a conference or searched for a venue, then you would know that it is no easy task and it requires quite a bit of physical and mental prowess. So here is a list of things that I have devised in a bid to make your life a little easier. So here goes;

  1. How much does it cost to book the venue?
  2. What is their booking policy? Is there a deposit needed or a payment plan available?
  3. What is their policy in the event you decide to cancel?
  4. Are there penalties? How much time do you have before attracting a penalty for cancellation?
  5. How much notice must the site have to give you without incurring any costs?
  6. Is there an insurance policy and if so, what are the requirements?
  7. Does the venue have a list of required suppliers?
  8. Can the venue host the event, has it ever hosted anything similar? Be sure to find references and reviews before you do the final selection.
  9. What are the catering costs? Do they offer discounts?
  10. Is there an on-sight caterer or will you have to find an independent one?
  11. Is there a fee for using an independent caterer?
  12. Does the venue have a contingency plan if there are unforeseen problems?
  13. Can they tell you how many employees will be on hand on the day of the event?
  14. What is the venue’s A/V capabilities? If these are not readily available, then how much would it cost to implement it? If the event is a big one then you may need to consider having it for the entire day.
  15. How much production will you need to provide?
  16. Will it suit the tastes of the guests and provide ultimate comfort? When considering an event venue, it is a good idea to consider the needs of the guests because you would be on your way to being successful, if you receive great attendee feedback.
  17. Is there logistical support? Will you have direct access to the resources you need, or will you have to provide them.
  18. What are the best ways to get to and from the venue location? Is it the ideal place?
  19. Are there parking facilities and cab options?
  20. Are there any on-site amenities? Is there an on-site computer or printer? Is there an office for you to work out of? Are there breakaway rooms?

Be relentless, be forthright, ask all the questions you can possibly come up with and be shrewd in finding the right venue. A good marker is always staff attitude and effective management if the staff members are accommodating and are willing to meet your needs with a smile then that generally means that you have found the right one.