Young Children Games

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Birthday Bash Youth Game

Setup a circle a set of chairs with one less chair then the number of people present.Make one person "it".Go around the circle and have each person state which month he or she is born in. The person selected to play the "it" role calls a month and everyone with that month must switch seats.

Birdie On A Perch Youth Game

Every one should find a partner so they are paired up in groups of two.Have them decide who is the birdie and who is the perch. Everybody chosen to be a birdie stands in a circle and all the perches stand in a circle surrounding the birdies. Have some music ready.When the music starts, the birdies walk clockwise around the circle and the perches walk counter-clockwise.

Bibbidy Bop Bop Youth Game

This is a short, silly game guaranteed to get a few laughs.Everyone sits on chairs in a circle. Choose someone to stand in the middle. The chosen person then points at someone and says "Bibbidy Bop Bop". The participant they are pointing to must say "Bop" before they finish, otherwise, they then become the person in the middle.

Best Friends and Worst Enemies Youth Game

This game is a short, fun, physical game to get people moving and laughing. It ideally works best with cluster sizes of around 20 people.To begin this game, have everybody rise up and secretly identify one person in the group to be their "best friend", and another completely different person to be their "worst enemy".

Banana Surgery Youth Game

Split your cluster up into smaller teams, and give each group a banana, board and plastic knife.Each cluster ought to cut the banana into four or five equal-sized banana pieces. (don't tell them what the next stages are at this point). Then hand out banana surgery kits - pins, string, sticky tape, toothpicks, rubber bands, etc.The goal is for each group to reassemble the banana.

Banana Splash in The Mouth Youth Game

This game is hilarious and fun for all!Prep: Gather all ingredients for banana splits, ice-cream, banana, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, crushed pineapples, whipped cream, nuts (or in case of allergies, sprinkles) and a cherry. You will need 1 for each participant.How to play: Separate into two groups and ask for one volunteer from each team.

Bad Bowling Youth Game

Regular ten pin bowling is fun, right?But if you have a group that wants to mix it up a little, this idea is for you. Group your young people into teams and their goal is to get the worst (i.e. lowest) score possible.The catch is that a gutter ball is worth the same as a strike! Changing the rules like this can really liven up an event and get the kids strategizing together.

Assassin Youth Game

(Can also be referred to as Werewolf or Mafia)Assassin is really a great game - it's straightforward,  simple to set up, doesn't require equipment, and is plenty of fun. You need at least 7 or 8 people to play. Participants are assigned five roles to play in the game - The killers, a medic, townspeople, and a moderator.

Anyone Who Youth Game

This activity is a good icebreaker - perfect to get people mingling and talking.

Animal Kingdom Youth Game

Ask kids to introduce themselves and say which of the following animals they most identify with: eagle, dolphin, lion, sparrow, whale, or unicorn. (Use fewer animals for groups of 10 or fewer.)Then have kids group themselves according to the animals they chose. Direct kids to answer the following three questions in their small groups.

Baloon Smash Youth Game

To prepare for this game, you need two balloons for each person in your group (plus some spares for those that might break whilst you're-inflating them). Preferably the balloons should be two different colors (to represent two different teams). Tie two-foot-long strings to the ends of each balloon.Give each person two balloons (of the same color) and have them tie one to each leg.

Animal Farm Youth Game

This is a quick, fun activity to divide your group into smaller groups.Give each person a card or post-it note with the name of a farm animal on it (e.g. Cow, Pig, Horse, Sheep, Chicken, etc.). Make sure you have multiple notes with the same animal on it.To find the rest of their group, they must make the sound of the animal from their card, and then assemble into groups based on their animal (i.
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