Young Children Games

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Toilet Brush Hockey Youth Game

This is a simple, low-cost version of hockey. It will cost around $20 for supplies.

Tic Tac Toe Trivia Youth Game

Preparation:A list of questionsTic Tac Toe boardA large Area (inside or outside)Youth will be split up into two groups- x's and o's.The leader will number each member of the team, according to how many participants are on each team.The leader will read one of many prepared questions (a fun twist is to have it jeopardy style) and call out a number.

Three Things Theatre Youth Game

Ask for three volunteers to stand at the front of the group and prepare to do an improvisational skit.Ask a couple of members of the group to offer different things or items that must be included in the skit.For example, ask one student for "an item found in a bathroom", ask another for a person found on a cruise ship, and another for a place or setting.

The Toaster Youth Game

Everyone sits in a circle. Place a toaster in the middle of the circle.Put a piece of bread in the toaster and pop it down. Once the toast goes down, move around the circle and players have to quickly say one thing about themselves. When the toast pops up, the person talking has to eat the toast with a topping you (the facilitator) decides on.

The Telephone Youth Game

Have your group form a line.Provide a written message or sentence to the first person in the line. This person then whispers the message to the next person in the line and so on, until the last player is reached. This person then announces the message to the whole group.

The Sun Shines On Youth Game

Get everyone to sit down on the floor forming a circle.One player (we suggest a leader) starts in the middle and says "The sun shines on people who (choose an attribute that more than one player, including the player saying it, in the room has, e.g. have black hair; are wearing red; have a sibling, etc.)".

The Shoe Youth Game

This is a great short game to help your group mix it up a bit.Have everyone to sit in a circle, tell everyone to take off their left shoe, and throw it in a pile in the middle. Then everyone randomly grabs a shoe from the pile and put it on. Once everyone has a show on, they then must find the person who is wearing their shoe and stand next to them.

The Mooo Game Youth Game

Select 3 youths to be out of earshot.Explain to the rest of the youth that when the first youth player(a) comes back in the room that he/she player(a) will be judging who can moo the loudest. Everyone is then told to moo as loud as possible 3 times.After the third time, the player (a) will select who Moooooed the loudest. The person player (a) selects can be given a reward (candy) by a player (a).

The Chef's Salad Youth Game

Firstly, select someone to be a Chef. Group everyone else into groups of two. Each pair should choose a vegetable, but ensure that no two pairs choose the same vegetable.Then have everyone sit (on chairs) in a circle. People are not allowed to sit next to their pair. The Chef should stand at the center of the circle.The Chef then calls out the name of a vegetable.

The Joust Youth Game

Arrange people into groups of two.You'll need two stockings (or knee highs), eggs, and 2 foam swimming noodles. Within each team of two, choose one person to be the horse and the other rider.The horse will need to put the stocking with the egg on their head so the egg is at the center of their forehead. The rider will then ride piggyback on the horse's back, using the noodle as a jousting stick.

The Green Glass Door Youth Game

Explain to the group about "The Green Glass Door".Only certain objects or things are allowed through the Green Glass Door. Start with a few examples - you can have a hammer but not nails. Books can go in the green glass door, but words can't. You can have a spoon but not a fork. Apples can go through but an Orange definitely cannot.

The Animal Game Youth Game

Each player starts by selecting an animal, and a noise/action associated with that animal.For example:Elephant: Hold nose and make a trunk with arms, and make elephant noise!Lion: Show claws and roar like a Lion!Snake: Join arms together, twist them like a snake and go Hiss...
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