Young Children Games

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Prisoner's Dilemma Youth Game

This activity is a great way to teach kids the importance of working as a team and cooperating. The objective is for each team to finish with a positive score. Divide your group into four teams. The game has 10 rounds. For each round, groups must choose a color - either "Red" or "Blue" without knowingwhat the other groups have chosen.

Play Ball Youth Game

One player stands up the front with his back to the group.The rest of the group start from a line at the other end of the room. Everyone must sneak up on the player up the front (the "target"), tossing a tennis ball to each other as they creep up to the target, keeping the ball hidden.The goal is to "touch" the target with the ball.

Photo Night Youth Game

Split into groups of 4-5 (make sure there's one leader in each group), and give each group a camera (or they can use their phones if they want).Draw up a list of things/objects/ situations they need to try to capture on film. Be creative with the list - make sure you include some simple tasks, but also some trickier things to find (or do).Allocate points to each item depending on the difficulty.

Peanut Butter River

For this activity, you will require two ropes to represent the banks of a river. The goal is to have the group cross the river.Give the team six carpet squares (or something similar) to use as "rafts". Each raft can only support one hand and two feet at any given time. Anything more than that will cause it to sink (meaning a facilitator takes it away and it's no longer available to the group).

Pass The Parcel Youth Game

Everyone's heard of "Pass the Parcel", so you might think this sounds a bit lame as a youth group game, but it can work well if you add a little twist.For those that don't know "Pass the Parcel", you wrap up a prize (e.g. a box of chocolates), then add multiple layers or wrapping (up to 20 times). Inside each layer, add a smaller prize (such as sweet or small chocolate).

Paper Telephone Youth Game

Separate into groups of 5-7 participants each. Have each group sit around a table. Give a plain sheet of paper to each participant.Everyone writes a common catchphrase, such as "bigger is better" or "two friesshort of a happy meal" at the top of their paper (any catchphrase works).

Paper Building Youth Game

A team building activity to determine which team can build the tallest paper tower.Provide each team with three pieces of paper. Their goal is to build the tallest, free-standing tower in five minutes.At the end of the time, players must sit back and allow the judges to measure the height of theirtower. Any tower that collapses is measured to its highest point.

Paper Ball Youth Game

Try this activity if you need a creative way for a group to introduce themselves to each other.Start out by giving each person a piece of paper and a pen. On the paper, they should write a random question (e.g. "What is your favorite color" or "Where do you like to go for vacations").

Paper Airplane Horseshoes Youth Game

Each teen makes a paper airplane and writes their name on it. Then take turns throwing it as close to a predetermined point as they can. Whoever gets closest wins.Award a prize for the best trick on the way to the destination. If you have more time, give the teens time to decorate their planes and award prizes for the best decoration and most creative airplane.

Outdoor Risk Youth Game

Objective: As the board game, the object is to capture the other team’s territories (cones).To start: Field is divided into 2 sides with cones hidden within playing field (should be played outside in the woods or tall grasses). Each team is given a few minutes (5-10) to hide their cones/territories within their boundary (like capture the flag).

One Word Youth Game

Form pairs and have them sit on the floor and talk to each other by speaking one- word messages back and forth. Recommend one of the following topics for their one-word-at-a-time discussions: A recently solved problem.a favorite food.a favorite professional sports team.a fear.a dream, ora recent accomplishment.Allow time for discussion.

Newspaper In Your Shoe Youth Game

This youth game isn't really a game but a good thought provoking activity that works best at the end of a devotional or youth service.Gather a pile of newspapers and bring them along to Youth Group. Get participants to come up and tear off a small piece of the newspaper, take off their shoe, place the screwed up piece of paper in their shoe and put their shoe back on.
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